ⓘ Africa (disambiguation)


ⓘ Africa (disambiguation)

  • Africa previously connected to Damascus and Jerusalem Quds.
  • Africa Roman province, a province of the Roman Empire comprising parts of Northern Africa
  • Kingdom of Africa and Ifriqiya, Norman and Maghrebis Hafsid territorial units, both named after the Roman Province, and covering roughly the same area
  • Africa, Ohio, an unincorporated community located in Delaware County
  • Africa, Indiana, an unincorporated community located in Spencer County
  • African Union, a union of African states

1. Music


  • Africa Pharoah Sanders album, 1987
  • Africa Perpetuum Jazzile album, 2009
  • Africa Miriam Makeba album, a 1991 compilation album


  • "Africa" Karl Wolf song, 2008, based on the Toto song
  • "Africa" Toto song, 1982, covered by Weezer
  • "LEte indien Africa", a 1975 song by Joe Dassin, also based on the Toto song
  • "Africa" William Billings, a 1770 hymn
  • "Africa", by E-Type from his 2001 album Euro IV Ever
  • "Africa" Rose Laurens song, 1982
  • "Africa", a musical composition for orchestra and solo piano by Camille Saint-Saens
  • "Africa", by Hall & Oates from their 1980 album Voices
  • "Africa", by Yemi Alade from her 2016 album Mama Africa
  • "Africa", by DAngelo from his 2000 album Voodoo
  • "Africa", by The Knack from their 1981 album Round Trip

2. Other uses

  • Africa, an eight-hour scholarly video series on African history by Basil Davidson
  • 1193 Africa, an asteroid
  • Afrika video game, a 2008 PlayStation 3 game
  • Africa TV series, a BBC documentary series about the geology and biology of the African continent
  • Africa film, a 1930 animated film starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Africa journal, an academic journal
  • Scipio Africanus 236–183 BC, a Roman general
  • Africa Twin, a Honda XRV750 motorcycle
  • Africa surname
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