The latency-associated nuclear antigen or latent nuclear antigen, is a Kaposis sarcoma-associated herpesvirus latent protein initially found by Moore and colleagues as a speckled nuclear antigen present in primary effusion lymphoma cells that reacts with antibodies from patients with KS. It is the most immunodominant KSHV protein identified by Western-blotting as 222–234 kDa double bands migrate slower than the predicted molecular weight. LANA has been suspected of playing a crucial role in modulating viral and cellular gene expression. It is commonly used as an antigen in blood tests to detect antibodies in persons that have been exposed to KSHV.

KSHV or human herpesvirus 8-VGC-8 it was established that the etiologic agent of Kaposis sarcoma KS and some AIDS-associated lymphomas. As KSHV establishes latent infection in tumorous foci, it invariably expresses high levels of the viral Lana protein, which is necessary and sufficient to maintain the KSHV episome.

Encoded ORF73, Lana-1 is one of the few UGC-8 encoded proteins that is highly expressed in latently infected tumor cells, specifically, it is phosphoprotein with an acidic internal repeat domain surrounded by the carboxy-terminal domain and amino-terminal domain. Lana-1 acts as a transcription regulator, and it has been implicated directly in oncogenesis because of its ability to bind to tumor-suppressing protein p53 and retinoblastoma protein PRB. This leads to inactivation of p53-dependent promoters and induction of the transcription factor e2f-dependent genes.

Studies have also shown that Lana-1 can transactivate the promoter of the reverse transcriptase subunit of the human holoenzyme telomerase, thereby perenapravit an important step in cell transformation. Paradoxically, Lana-1 has been shown to be involved in repression of transcription and, moreover, interact with the mSin3 / HDAC1 co-repressor complex.

It has also been shown to interact and inhibit ATF4 / CREB2 transcription factor that interacts with the basic transcription machinery and to associate with two human chromosome-associated cellular proteins, MECP2 and DEK lead.

Lana-1 is associated with cellular chromatin and stays on the chromosomes during cell division. It maintains the viral genomes during cell division by binding the viral episomes chromosomes. It binds directly to replication origin recognition complexes orcs that are primarily associated with the terminal repeat region TR UGC-8 genome.

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