ⓘ The World's Greatest Tag Team


ⓘ The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team was a professional wrestling tag team, which also used the name Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team. The team consisted of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Originally formed in World Wrestling Entertainment, they started out captained by Kurt Angle, during which time they were known as Team Angle. They also wrestled for several other independent promotions.

Haas and Benjamin debuted in the wwe! brand in December 2002, and won the WWE championship tag team in February 2003. After losing the championship in may, Haas and Benjamin were fired from the area of the group and changed their name to the best team period, before settling on the worlds biggest on the team. They won the championship in July, and their second reign lasted two months. They continue to compete in the tag team world Champions. until March 2004, when Benjamin was moved to the Raw brand in the draft lottery.

The team reformed in December 2006 on the Raw brand, and fought against numerous teams, although they were unsuccessful in winning the world championship tag team. The team was split again in November 2007, when Benjamin moved to the ECW brand, but later reformed briefly returned to SmackDown on may 2009. In 2010, the group reformed on the independent circuit, and began competing for ring of honor Roh, where they are former two-time ROH world tag team Champions.