ⓘ ORMA 60


ⓘ ORMA 60

ORMA 60 is a class of sailing trimarans administered by the Ocean Racing Multihull Association that created in 1996 by the International Sailing Federation within the sport of sailing. The boats were built to a box rule that permitted 60 feet length and beam and a 100-foot mast.

The class was active from 1996 to 2007. Boats built to class rules was one of the fastest ocean-going sailing ships ever built, but suffered many misfortunes at sea, including a rollover. In one famous race, the 2002 route du rhum, only 3 of the 18 that started managed to complete the race. This eventually led to the abandonment of the class sponsors. As a result, it is no longer actively managed by ISAF. One design Mod70 was created to continue the legacy of the great blue water racing catamarans in addressing issues that arose with the ORMA 60 designs.

A few ORMA 60 boats continue to compete in the handicap. The first to finish the winner of the 2017 TransPac race was the ORMA 60 class boat is not mighty merloe, which set a new record for 4 days 7:03:30, beating the previous record by almost a full day.

Several high-profile yacht races are hosting these classes, such as the route du rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Quebec-Saint Malo and solo transatlantic race.

  • Tour de France à la voile Winner Grand Prix de Fecamp ORMA 60 Winner Grand Prix de Lorient ORMA 60 Winner French Figaro championship crewed Participation
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  • The IMOCA 60 Open 60 is a class of advanced monohull sailing yacht administered by the International Monohull Open Class Association IMOCA It is
  • It s a trimaran, which is also heavily inspired by Groupama 2, the 60 - foot 18 m ORMA : with the adoption of foils and the installation of three rudders
  • club Royal Swedish Yacht Club, time: 1 h 27 min. Trimaran, type open ORMA 60 Spirit of Titan, helmsman Ulf Bowallius, club DJSK, time: 1 h 28 min.
  • of 60 boats competing in 4 categories: ORMA Class: Multihulls measuring from 59 to 60 in length IMOCA Class: Monohulls measuring from 58 to 60 in
  • every year. His crew won his class in 2005. Trimaran Nokia, type open ORMA 60 in Sandhamn, preparing for the start. Photo: July 2005. The start of Gotland
  • Association world. Later, Cammas was skipper of the 60 - foot 18 m trimaran Groupama 2, with which he won five ORMA championships. His last trimaran, the 103 - foot
  • two - time Volvo Ocean Race skipper Knut Frostad brought him onboard his ORMA 60 trimaran Nokia Academy, winning the Nokia Oops Cup total in their first
  • scholar - athlete and academic All - America honorees. The College of Idaho houses the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History in William Judson Boone Science Hall.
  • finish Orion finishing in 7 hours and 40 minutes with MIGHTY MERLOE an ORMA 60 Trimaran finishing at 7 hour and 42 minutes. The Maxi yacht Wizard finished
  • It is also known as the IMOCA 50, due to its origin in the International Monohull Open Classes Association. Open 60 sailing.org: FORMER ISAF CLASSES