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Leukonychia, is a medical term for white discolouration appearing on nails. It is derived from the Greek words leuko and onyx. The most common cause is injury to the base of the nail where the nail is formed.

  • syndrome also known as Palmoplantar keratoderma with knuckle pads and leukonychia and deafness is a cutaneous condition characterized by hyperkeratoses
  • Apparent leukonychia is a cutaneous condition characterized by white discoloration of the nail that fades with pressure. Nail anatomy List of cutaneous
  • Aldrich Mees lines, also called leukonychia striata, are white lines of discoloration across the nails of the fingers and toes leukonychia They are typically
  • Muehrcke s nails or Muehrcke s lines apparent leukonychia striata are changes in the fingernail that may be a sign of an underlying medical condition
  • nails were significantly more common in hemodialysis patients, while leukonychia was significantly more common in transplant patients. List of cutaneous
  • ISBN 0 - 07 - 138076 - 0. Unamuno P, Fernandez - Lopez E, Santos C July 1992 Leukonychia due to cytostatic agents Clin. Exp. Dermatol. 17 4 273 4. doi: 10
  • the nail leukonychia striata, or transverse leukonychia may be Mees lines or Muehrcke s lines. Small white patches are known as leukonychia punctata
  • Hyperbilirubinaemia Increased amylase Increased salivation Leukocytosis Leukonychia Jaundice Liver enzyme alterations Methemoglobinemia Paraesthesia Paranoid
  • hair on your chest. The appearance of white spots on the fingernails leukonychia is due to lying or not eating enough green vegetables calcium. Aphorism
  • Keratoconus posticus circumscriptus Keratoconus Keratoderma hypotrichosis leukonychia Keratoderma palmoplantar deafness Keratoderma palmoplantar spastic paralysis