ⓘ 1904 in film

The Barber of Seville (1904 film)

The Barber of Seville, also released as The Barber of Sevilla, or the Useless Precaution, was a 1904 French silent film directed by Georges Melies, based on the play of the same name by Pierre Beaumarchais. It was released by Meliess Star Film Company and is numbered 606–625 in its catalogues, where it was advertised as a comedie burlesque en 7 actes, dapres Beaumarchais. Like several other of Meliess longer films, two versions were released simultaneously: a complete 22-minute print and an abridged print. As with his 1904 film Faust and Marguerite, Melies prepared a special film score for ...


ⓘ 1904 in film

  • 23 June: Marcus Loew founds the theatre chain, the Peoples Vaudeville Company, which later was renamed Loews Theatres which was the oldest theatre chain operating in North America when it was merged with AMC Theatres in 2006
  • William Fox purchases his first Nickelodeon.
  • As shown in the film series Westinghouse Works, some filmmakers begin to move away from eye-level filmmaking and use the camera to explore spaces from an angle usually inaccessible to the average person.

1. Films released in 1904

  • Automobile Race For The Vanderbilt Cup, cinematography by G.W. Bitzer and A.E. Weed
  • Troubles Of A Manager Of A Burlesque Show, produced by Frank Marion and Wallace McCutcheon
  • The Bold Bank Robbery, directed by Jack Frawley
  • Opening Of The Drill Hall In Accrington by General Baden-Powell, produced by Mitchell and Kenyon
  • The Cook In Trouble, directed by Georges Melies
  • Audley Range School, Blackburn, produced by Mitchell and Kenyon
  • Buy Your Own Cherries, produced by Robert W. Paul
  • Clowns
  • Princess Rajah Dance, cinematography by A.E. Weed
  • A Fire In A Burlesque Theatre, cinematography by A.E. Weed
  • Westinghouse Works 21 Short Films, filmed by, Billy Bitzer
  • A Day In The Hayfields, directed by Cecil Hepworth
  • The Impossible Voyage, directed by Georges Melies
  • Behind the Scenes, directed by Alf Collins
  • Chased by Dogs, directed by Alf Collins
  • Tchin-Chao the Chinese Conjuror, directed by Georges Melies
  • The Marvelous Living Fan, directed by Georges Melies
  • Girls Taking Time Checks, Westinghouse Works, filmed by, Billy Bitzer
  • Blackpool Victoria Pier, produced by Mitchell and Kenyon

2. Deaths

  • September 22 – Wilson Barrett, actor, writer born 1846
  • May 8 – Eadweard Muybridge, cinematographer born 1830
  • July 15 – Anton Chekhov, writer born 1860