ⓘ 1910 in film

Peter the Great (1910 film)

Vander-Veide as Princess Sofya A. Slavin as Boyar Poltev Ye. Talanova as Tsarina-mother A. Gorbachevskiy as Boyar Latyshkin Ye. Trubetskaya as Yekaterina A. Veskov Pyotr Voinov as Pyotr I, Peter the Great Vladimir Karin as Lakot

Frankenstein (1910 film)

Frankenstein is a 1910 film made by Edison Studios. It was written and directed by J. Searle Dawley. This 14-minute short film was the first motion picture adaptation of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. The unbilled cast included Augustus Phillips as Dr. Frankenstein, Charles Ogle as Frankensteins monster, and Mary Fuller as the doctors fiancee.

Pyotr Chardynin

Pyotr Ivanovich Chardynin was a Russian film director, screenwriter, and actor. Pyotr Chardynin, one of the pioneers of the film industry in the Russian Empire, directed over a hundred silent films during his career.

King Lear (1910 film)

King Lear is a 1910 Italian silent historical drama film directed by Gerolamo Lo Savio and starring Ermete Novelli, Francesca Bertini and Olga Giannini Novelli. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeares King Lear.

The Queen of Spades (1910 film)

Andrey Gromov as Tomskiy Pavel Biryukov as Germann as P. Biryukov Aleksandra Goncharova as Liza Antonina Pozharskaya as Countess as A. Pozharskaya

Ramona (1910 film)

Ramona is a 1910 American short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith, based on Helen Hunt Jacksons 1884 novel Ramona. Through a love story, the early silent short explores racial injustice to Native Americans and stars Mary Pickford and Henry B. Walthall. A copy of the print survives in the Library of Congress film archive. The film was remade in 1928 with Dolores del Rio and 1936 with Loretta Young.

A Christmas Carol (1910 film)

A Christmas Carol, is a 1910 silent short film directed by J. Searle Dawley for Edison. It runs 13 minutes and is one of the earliest film adaptations of Charles Dickens famous 1843 novella. It featured Marc McDermott as Ebenezer Scrooge and Charles S. Ogle as Bob Cratchit.

Boyarin Orsha (film)

The film tells about the boyar, returning to his native estate after the service of Ivan the Terrible. One day, he becomes a witness of his daughter’s meeting with his adopted son Arseny, which makes him furious.


ⓘ 1910 in film

  • May 6 – The newsreel footage of the funeral of Edward VII is shot in Kinemacolor, making it the first color newsreel.
  • Florence Lawrence becomes Americas first publicly named motion picture actress; she is generally regarded as the first true movie star.
  • March 18 – The first cinematic version of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein 1818 is released in the United States by Edison Studios. One of the first horror films, it features unbilled actor Charles Ogle as the monster.
  • Pathe News is formed in London, producing newsreels and documentaries in the UK until 1970.
  • Kalem Studios director Sidney Olcott becomes the first American to make a motion picture outside of the United States.
  • July – The Johnson-Jeffries Fight footage causes race riots and is banned in the South of the US.
  • A Danish melodrama, ill|Den Hvide Slavehandel|da, marks the first time film is used to study prostitution.
  • Marcus Loew partners with Adolph Zukor, Joseph Schenck and Nicholas Schenck renaming his theatre chain Loews Consolidated Enterprises.

1. Films released in 1910

  • A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner, produced by Charles Urban
  • A Lad from Old Ireland, directed by Sidney Olcott
  • Making Christmas Crackers
  • Thunderbolt
  • Aeroplane Flight And Wreck
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • What the Daisy Said, starring Mary Pickford
  • The Johnson-Jeffries Fight
  • Teddy Roosevelt Returns From Africa
  • 1812
  • The Unchanging Sea, directed by D. W. Griffith
  • Wilful Peggy, directed by D. W. Griffith, starring Mary Pickford
  • As It Is In Life, directed by D. W. Griffith, starring Mary Pickford
  • Am Abend, one of the earliest works of hardcore pornography
  • White Fawns Devotion, directed by James Young Deer the first Native American Director
  • Abraham Lincolns Clemency
  • Den Hvide Slavehandel
  • Slippery Jim, directed by Ferdinand Zecca
  • In Old California, directed by D. W. Griffith. First Hollywood film in cinema.
  • The Abyss Afgrunden, starring Asta Nielsen
  • Twelfth Night
  • The House with Closed Shutters, directed by D. W. Griffith
  • The Family Doctor
  • Frankenstein
  • The Blue Bird
  • Ramona, directed by D. W. Griffith, starring Mary Pickford
  • Le Vitrail Diabolique, directed by Georges Melies
  • In the Border States, directed by D. W. Griffith
  • Im Wannseebad
  • The Fugitive, directed by D. W. Griffith
  • New York of Today, produced by Edison Studios
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Funeral Of Edward VII
  • Bebe series
  • Alices Adventures in Wonderland
  • Der Alpenjager

2. Debuts

  • J. Warren Kerrigan – A Voice from the Fireplace short
  • Wallace Reid – The Phoenix short
  • Carlyle Blackwell – Uncle Toms Cabin short
  • Mabel Normand – Indiscretions of Betty
  • Helen Gardner – How She Won Him short
  • Alice Joyce – The Deacons Daughter short
  • Grace Cunard – The Dukes Plan short
  • Marin Sais – Twelfth Night short
  • Hoot Gibson – Pride of the Range
  • Mae Marsh – Ramona short
  • Asta Nielsen – The Woman Always Pays short
  • Leah Baird – Jean and the Waif
  • Eleanor Caines – The New Boss of Bar X Ranch short
  • Margarita Fischer – There, Little Girl, Dont Cry short
  • Norma Talmadge – The Household Pest
  • Pearl White – The Missing Bridegroom short