ⓘ Irla


ⓘ Irla

Irla is a neighbourhood in suburban Mumbai, part of Vile Parle. It is located near the upmarket Juhu area.

There is one beautiful Jain temple of the first Uttar Pradesh Jains, the Fish.

It also contains a famous chain of shops called "Alfa". Also located in Inpa is a very famous homeopathic College, SMT. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homeopathic Medical College.

Inpa is also home to one of Mumbais popular Catholic shrines, the Church of our lady of Velankanni.

  • IRLA may refer to: International Religious Liberty Association Irla A neighbourhood in Mumbai Irish Republican Liberation Army
  • Sharon Irla born 1957 is an award - winning, Cherokee artist, enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. A self - taught artist, Irla began entering competitive art
  • The Irish Republican Liberation Army IRLA is an Irish paramilitary self - styled vigilante group in support of a united Ireland. Although much of its
  • html Congregacion - IRLA Colombia Retrieved 23 August 2016. Iglesia Reformada Latinoamericana IRLA - About - Facebook Retrieved 23
  • The International Religious Liberty Association IRLA is a non - sectarian and non - political organization promoting religious freedom. It was originally
  • to Finland. On 5 March 2012, the feet of a statue of a crucified Jesus in Irla near to the Church of Our Lady of Velankanni Mumbai started weeping water
  • 2010 it was awarded with the Francesc Macià Memorial Award by the Josep Irla Foundation for its defense of Catalan culture and nation. Its current editor
  • Jose Sancho Adriano Rimoldi Julio Riscal Gerard Tichy as Julio SOLE I IRLA MARTI 1954 Cuatro en la frontera parlem de pel licules rodades integrament
  • Members include Martha Berry, Mike Dart, Bill Glass Jr., Demos Glass, Sharon Irla Jane Osti, Troy Jackson, and Shan Goshorn. The group was formed officially
  • regional chapter of the International Religious Liberty Association IRLA The IRLA was founded in 1893 and now has over 50 national and regional chapters
  • and Environmental Microbiology. 56 4 963 970. PMC 184329. PMID 2111119. Irla Marta Neshat, Armin Winkler, Anika Albersmeier, Andreas Heggeset, Tonje