ⓘ Argai: The Prophecy


ⓘ Argai: The Prophecy

Argai: The Prophecy is a 2000 French animated series directed by Jean-Cesar Suchorski and written by Sebastien Dorsey.


1. Plot

The story is partly set in the year 1250, partly in 2075. Angel, the fiancee of Prince Argaï, is under the spell of the Dark Queen. This evil Queen steals the youth of young women and keeps them asleep for the rest of their lives. This way, she remains immortal. To save his fiancee, Argaï travels through time and meets detective Oscar Lightbulb, his assistant Barnaby and his secretary Moony Moon. They decide to help Argaï with his battle against the queen and the rescue of his beloved. To defeat the queen, they have to awake Angel with an antidote which contains 13 unique ingredients. Their first challenge is to find each of these ingredients.

Unlike most stories involving time travel, when a character is killed in a time that is not their own, they are returned to their own time rather than dying. This is why it is necessary for the heroes to defeat Queen Orial in 2075 and for Queen Orial to kill Argaï in 1250, as it would not be permanent otherwise.


2. Broadcast

the series was premiered on September 2, 2000 on TF1 In France In The United States airs on Disney Channel from April 15, 2001 to September 2002 In Italy was aired on Fox Kids and Jetix


3. Episodes

  • Chapter I. Prince Argai
  • Chapter XXVI. The Final Combat
  • Chapter XVIII. The Knight Tournament
  • Chapter XX. The Wild Orchid
  • Chapter XIII. The Enchanted Forest
  • Chapter X. Alyasha
  • Chapter XXII. The Thurible
  • Chapter VII. The Mandrake
  • Chapter VIII. The Pharaohs Amulet
  • Chapter XVI. The Desert of Awikango
  • Chapter XVII. The Monastery of Tirloch
  • Chapter XI. Venice Submerged
  • Chapter XXIV. The White Lady
  • Chapter IX. The Road to the Crusades
  • Chapter XIX. The Great Escape
  • Chapter XII. Brother Tichs Escape
  • Chapter XV. Lotus Flower
  • Chapter III. New York, 2075
  • Chapter IV. F-107
  • Chapter II. The Man in the Mask
  • Chapter XIV. In the Land of the Celts
  • Chapter V. The Great Journey
  • Chapter XXI. The Sacred Pearl
  • Chapter XXIII. The Fairy Melusine
  • Chapter VI. Notre-Dame de Paris
  • Chapter XXV. Angele


4. Characters

  • Brother Tich
  • Lucille
  • Forest Elf
  • The White Lady
  • Innkeeper/Winegrower in Paris
  • Moony Moon
  • Fairy Melusine
  • Oscar Lightbulb
  • Argaï
  • Fairy Melusines Leprechaun-Assistant
  • Gekko
  • Singa
  • Mr. Po
  • Queen Orial/The Dark Queen
  • Captain Billy
  • Barnaby
  • King Khar Argaïs Father
  • Lord Artemis
  • Angele
  • Princess Lorelei
  • Hugsley Barns
  • Brother Gregory
  • Tiberias
  • Blind innkeeper in Paris
  • Master Wang
  • Pasha

5. Cast

  • Benoit Allemane - Pacha
  • Henri Labussiere - Hugsley Barnes
  • Patricia Legrand - Miss Moon
  • Marie-Christine Adam - The Dark Queen
  • Jean Barney - King Khar Argaïs father
  • Christian Alers - Oscar Lightbulb
  • Bruno Choel - Argaï
  • Patrick Prejean - Barnaby
  • Laura Prejean - Angele
  • Jean Topart - The narrating monk
  • Michel Vigne - the narrator, the Devil