ⓘ Midori


ⓘ Midori

  • Midori author, an author on human sexuality
  • Kenji Midori, a Japanese karate instructor
  • Midori Ito, a former Japanese figure skater
  • Midori Gotō, also known as Midori, a Japanese-American violinist
  • Midori, an alias of new-age musician Medwyn Goodall
  • Yurie Midori, a Japanese actress and gravure idol
  • Midori Katō 加藤 みどり, born 1939, Japanese voice actress
  • Midori actress, a pornographic actress
  • Midori Furusawa 古澤 緑, born 1974, Japanese cross-country skier
  • Midori Snyder, an American fantasy author

1. Technology

  • Midori web browser, a web browser based on GTK+ and WebKit rendering engine and part of Xfce
  • Midori and Midori-2 or Advanced Earth Observing Satellite, two satellites launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • midori Javascript Framework, a JavaScript framework
  • Midori operating system, the code name for an operating system that was being developed at Microsoft

2. Entertainment and arts

  • Midori band, a Japanese jazz-punk fusion band
  • Midori Days, a manga and anime series and its title character Midori Kasugano
  • Midori 1992 film, a 1992 anime film

Fictional characters

  • Midori, an enemy character in the video game The Punisher
  • Midori Chitose, a character in the visual novel and anime Green
  • Midori Nishizono, a character in the visual novel and anime Little Busters!
  • Sapphire Kawashima nicknamed "Midori", a character from the novel and anime series Hibike! Euphonium
  • Midori Yamabuki also known as Midori Norimaki, a character in the manga and anime series Dr. Slump
  • Midori Sugiura, a character in the manga and anime series My-Hime and My-Otome
  • Midori Gurin, a character in the video game Yandere Simulator
  • Midori, a mecha in the anime series Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne
  • Midori Kobayashi, a character in the novel Norwegian Wood
  • Midori, the main character of the novel series.hack//CELL
  • Midori Goto 五嶋 みどり, Gotō Midori born October 25, 1971 who performs under the mononym Midori is a Japanese - born American violinist. She made her debut
  • Midori 緑, Japanese for green is a free and open - source lightweight web browser. It uses the WebKit rendering engine and the GTK 2 or GTK 3 interface
  • Midori is a sweet, bright green - coloured, muskmelon - flavored liqueur made by Suntory. It is manufactured in Japan, the United States, Mexico, and France
  • Midori Days 美鳥の日々, Midori no Hibi is a Japanese manga series by Kazurou Inoue. It was published by Shogakukan in the magazine Shōnen Sunday from September
  • Midori was the code name for a managed code operating system being developed by Microsoft with joint effort of Microsoft Research. It had been reported
  • Midori - ku 緑区 is one of the 18 wards of the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As of 2010, the ward had an estimated population of 176, 038
  • Michele Watley, better known by her stage name Midori born July 19, 1968 is an American singer, dancer, model, actress and former pornographic actress
  • Midori Ito or Midori Itō 伊藤みどり, Itō Midori born 13 August 1969 is a Japanese former figure skater. She is the 1989 World champion and the 1992 Olympic
  • Midori Katō 加藤 みどり, Katō Midori is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and narrator represented by Gekidankawa, Tokyo Actor s Consumer s Cooperative Society
  • Uwasa no Midori - kun うわさの翠くん lit. The Rumored Midori - kun is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gō Ikeyamada. It premiered in
  • Midori みどり市, Midori - shi is a city located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. As of February 2015, the city had an estimated population of 50, 951, and a population