ⓘ Nechako Reservoir


ⓘ Nechako Reservoir

The Nechako Reservoir, sometimes called the Ootsa Lake Reservoir, is a hydroelectric reservoir in British Columbia, Canada that was formed by the Kenney Dam making a diversion of the Nechako River through a 16-km intake tunnel in the Kitimat Ranges of the Coast Mountains to the 890 MW Kemano Generating Station at sea level at Kemano to service the then-new Alcan aluminum smelter at Kitimat. When it was constructed on the Nechako River in 1952, it resulted in the relocation of over 75 families. It was one of the biggest reservoirs built in Canada until the completion of the Columbia Treaty Dams and the W.A.C. Bennett Dam that created Lake Williston. The water level may swing 10 feet between 2790 and 2800 feet.

Damming "the rivers and lakes, Ootsa, Intata, Whitesail, Chelaslie, Tetachuck, Tahtsa and Natalkuz in a reservoir with a surface area of over 90.000 hectares." "The water of these lakes and rivers was diverted to the West to the Pacific ocean, not East towards the Fraser river".

The creation of the reservoir flooded the series of lakes which typified the upper Nechako basin and in the process provided a series of Quanchus, which lies between the Northern and southern arms of the reservoir, a virtual island. The names of the lakes United in the reservoir immortalized as the names for different bodies of water. The North arm includes Ootsa lake, Whitesail lake, and Whitesail make the South arm of lake Eutsuk lake Natalkuz, Chedakuz arm, Knewstubb lake, Tetachuck Lake and others. Because Ootsa lake is the largest of the lakes original name sometimes used for the entire reservoir, although the official name remains the Nechako reservoir.

Tweedsmuir North Provincial Park and protected area and provincial Park Entiako both borders of the reservoir.

  • Cheslatta Lake and enters the Nechako at the foot of the Nechako Canyon via Cheslatta Falls, near Kenney Dam and the Nechako Reservoir The expedition of Alexander
  • Regional District of Bulkley - Nechako, British Columbia Nechako Reservoir Nechako Diversion Nechako British Columbia, a neighbourhood in Kitimat, British
  • which forms the Nechako Reservoir Cheslatta Falls, 18 m in height, is the final leg of the Cheslatta River and cascades into the Nechako at its confluence
  • the Nechako River carving into the plateau s lava and lined with pinnacles and overhanging cliff. It begins at the outlet of the Nechako Reservoir at Kenny
  • the Fraser River in Prince George, and then going upstream to the Nechako Reservoir List of crossings of the Thompson River List of crossings of the
  • headwaters of the Cheslatta River, was also joined to the Nechako Reservoir At Skins Lake the reservoir s spillway was built, allowing excess water to be released
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  • the Nechako River in northwestern British Columbia, built in the early 1950s. The impoundment of water behind the dam forms the Nechako Reservoir which
  • its northwest part of the Ootsa Lake reservoir Bivouac.com entry Nechako Range BC Names GeoBC entry Nechako Range Coordinates: 53 25 00 N 124 38 00 W
  • Hazelton south to the Nechako Reservoir Defined by the British Columbia geographic names office, they span from the Nass River to the Nechako Plateau, and between
  • and the western end of the Nechako Reservoir Range 4 Coast Land District. It is in the Regional District of Bulkley - Nechako British Columbia. The name
  • Area. It is almost completely an island after the creation of the Nechako Reservoir Its two main summits are Michel Peak 2260m and Tweedsmuir Peak