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Camaïeu is a technique that employs two or three tints of a single color, other than gray, to create a monochromatic image without regard to local or realistic color. When a picture is monochromatically rendered in gray, it is called grisaille; when in yellow, cirage.

The term is also applied to monochrome painting in enamels. This technique uses a buildup of white enamel to create highlights and light areas. However, instead of using a black background, as in grisaille, transparent enamel is laid in first, beneath the whites. This technique is frequently used on snuffboxes, watches and medallions.

Camaïeu can also refer, following the French usage, to chiaroscuro woodcut prints that imitate highlighted drawing on tinted paper. However, the correct term in English for these is chiaroscuro woodcuts.

This French word once was synonymous with cameo, but its meaning became restricted in the early eighteenth century.

Camaïeu is also a registered trademark of a manufacturer.

  • Camaïeu is a French retail clothing company which manufactures and sells its own collections of women s clothing. Mainly aimed towards women 20 to 40
  • nomination, a gold ring adorned by a cameo called in French at the period, camaïeu or kamaheu or even camail upon which a porcupine was engraved. For
  • pupils was Martin J. Geeraerts, who specialised in painted bas - reliefs en camaïeu Theobald Michau est le dernier representant d une conception du paysage
  • is visible far and wide, finished about 1720. The interior frescoes en camaïeu were carried out in the 1880s by Girolamo dela Porta. La Porta was the
  • sports stores In Extenso: Shoes and clothing for women Jules, previously: Camaïeu homme 54  Kiabi: Clothing Kiloutou sold La Vignery: Wine store
  • competitors are C A, Zara, H M, Bestseller, NewYorker, Tally Weijl, Esprit, and Camaïeu Fashion industry Fashion victim Fast fashion Pimkie centralizes its logistics
  • Ombres sous tension, Circa, Montreal, 2011 Camaïeu d ombres, Galerie d art d Outremont, Montreal, 2009 Camaïeu d ombres, Galerie d art d Outremont, Montreal
  • photo About 60 faience pots from Nevers decorated with a cobalt blue camaieu were used to collect the substances used by the apothecary, they were placed
  • Societe des Beneteau Societe Bic Boiron Bonduelle Bongrain Boursorama Bull Camaieu Canal Carbone Lorraine Cegedim CFF recycling Chargeurs Ciments Français
  • calibration, calibre, see also Caliper قالب calife caliph خليفة camaïeu camaieu camelot, camelote rubbish camphre camphor كافور Couches De Riz
  • commissioned to design Napoleonic medals, or provide frieze - like panels en camaïeu to be painted on Sevres porcelains and to provide designs for the bas - reliefs
  • Okaïdi, Little Marcel, Marionnaud, Esprit, Pull Bear, Kiko, Bizzbee, Camaïeu IKKS, Ted Baker, Agatha, Pellegrin Fils, Calzedonia, Bershka, Maisons