ⓘ Grietman


ⓘ Grietman

A grietman is partly a forerunner of the current rural mayor in the province of Friesland, and partly the forerunner of a judge. The area of jurisdiction was the municipality or gemeente. In the judge function, the concept was also found in the Western side of the province of Groningen.

In the grietman and judges were responsible for managing and justice in the Frisian grietenij. In grietmannen was, in turn, elected or appointed, in cooperation with statthalter and the Executive Board. Eleven Frisian cities-mayors.

In the past it was believed that the heraldic eagle in a frieze was the privilege of the grietman and his descendants.

The municipalities law health published in 1851 places the Frisian grietman as mayor.

  • Friesland. The term grietenij means the administrative district of a grietman The term grietman means a man who greets. The grietenijen were found in the counties
  • he was appointed in 1930 as Grietman for Doniawerstal. He took part in the Ten Days Campaign in 1931. He became Grietman of Oostdongeradeel in 1840 and
  • Criminal law code Van Eysinga was the son of Idzerd Frans van Eysinga, grietman of Hennaarderadeel and member of the States of Friesland, and Wiskje van
  • the early 17th century was the stins Goslinga State built where later grietman and statesman Sicco van Goslinga lived who died in 1731. The stins was
  • Nordfriesland district. Karelsprivilege Magnus Forteman Hessel Hermana Grietman Reichsadler Gonggrijp, G. F. E. 1943 Friesche eigenerfdenwapens in
  • west side of Boornzwaag approaching Langmeer. The original owner was the grietman Frans Julius Johan van Eijsinga. It is a Achtkante bovenkruier which means
  • together is unclear. The first owner was Karel van Roorda, mid - 17th century grietman van Idaarderadeel and also member of the Provincial Executive. Because
  • part of Oostergo. The grietenij municipality Dantumadiel was led by a grietman mayor who was holding office in Rinsumageast and Dantumawald. The Dutch
  • Middle Ages notable for all lawsuits of Eastergoa being held there and the Grietmans sometimes holding meetings in the church. The Protestant church of Wyns
  • in most areas towards the end of the 13th century. In Friesland, the grietman assumed the duties of both schout or prosecutor responsible for law enforcement
  • Friesland in Harlingen, and his mother equally descended from a Frisian noble grietman family. As a law student, Van Beyma gave a speech in 1769 during the visit