ⓘ Journey


ⓘ Journey

Journey or journeying may refer to:

  • Road trip, a long distance journey on the road
  • Days journey, a measurement of distance
  • Travel, the movement of people between distant geographical locations

1.1. Arts, entertainment, and media Films

  • Journey 1972 film, a 1972 Canadian film directed by Paul Almond
  • Journey, a Telugu dubbed movie of original Tamil movie Engaeyum Eppothum
  • Journey 2004 film, a 2004 short film written and directed by Christine Shin
  • Journey 1995 film, a 1995 Hallmark Hall of Fame TV film

1.2. Arts, entertainment, and media Literature

  • Journey: The Adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire, a 1983 comic by William Messner-Loebs
  • Journey novel, a 1989 historical novel by James Michener
  • Journey picture book, a 2013 childrens book by Aaron Becker
  • A Journey 2010, Tony Blairs memoirs

1.3. Arts, entertainment, and media Albums

  • Journey Shota Shimizu album, a 2010 R&B J-pop album
  • Journey Archie Roach album, a 2007 album
  • Journey Kyla EP, a 2014 EP by Filipino R&B singer Kyla
  • Journey Trio X album
  • Journey, an album by Ali Akbar Khan
  • Journey Arif Mardin album
  • Journey Kingdom Come album
  • Journey Yeng Constantino album, a 2008 Filipino pop rock album
  • Journey W-inds. album, a 2007 J-pop album
  • Journey Fourplay album, a 2004 jazz album
  • Journey McCoy Tyner album, a 1993 jazz album
  • Journey album, their 1975 debut album
  • Journey Verity album, a 2008 afro pop album
  • Journey Colin Blunstone album, a 1974 pop album

1.4. Arts, entertainment, and media Songs

  • "Journey" Duncan Browne song, a 1972 hit song by Duncan Browne
  • "The Journey", a song by Mott the Hoople on the 1971 album Brain Capers
  • "Journey" / "Is It OK?", Korean song by TVXQ
  • "Journey Kimi to Futari de", a song by Crystal Kays album Spin the Music 2010

1.5. Arts, entertainment, and media Video games

  • Journey 2012 video game, a 2012 PlayStation 3 game by thatgamecompany
  • Journey 1983 video game, a 1983 arcade game featuring the band
  • Journey 1989 video game, a 1989 computer game by Infocom

2. Vehicles

  • Wuling Zhengcheng or Wuling Journey, a minivan built since 2014
  • Isuzu Journey, a minibus built since 1970
  • Dodge Journey, a mid-size SUV built since 2008


3. Other uses

  • Journeys company, a shoe store chain owned by Genesco
  • William Journey 1915–2002, American 20th century politician, Missouri senator
  • Journeys journal, an academic journal published by Berghahn Books
  • Journey NGO, a Maldives-based non-governmental organization