ⓘ Ruaidri na bhFeadh Ó Conchobair


ⓘ Ruaidri na bhFeadh O Conchobair

Rory na-bhFeadh mac Donough Ua Conchobair, King of Connacht 1316-1317.

From the annals of the four masters:

Was a large army led by William Burke Into SIL-Murray, and OConor and the SIL-Murray, with many of the tribes and chiefs of Connacht, made peace with him. Mac Dermot, however, did not agree to make this world and Mac William for this reason, subsequently made an incursion into Moylurg, committed heinous atrocities on ATH-An-chip, and in Uachtar-tire, and burned and destroyed the whole country and its people left without a fight, in a fight, or contributions to the submission. Rory, son of Donough OConor, was subsequently deposed Mac Dermot.

Thurlow, son of Hugh, son of Owen, son of Rory, son of Hugh, son of Cathal Crovderg, was opened Connacians as their king.

  • Ruaidri na Fed Kg. 1316 d. 1321. Fedlimid, Kg.1310 15 16. Cathal na bhFeadh Toirredlbach, Kg 1317 18 24 42 43 45. died 1361. O Conchubhair
  • Aedh O Conchobair 1256 1274 Aedh Muimhnech O Conchobair 1274 1280 Maghnus O Conchobair 1288 1293 Aedh O Conchobair 1293 1309 Ruaidri O Conchobair 1309 1310