ⓘ SQL:2008


ⓘ SQL:2008

SQL:2008 is the sixth revision of the ISO and ANSI standard for the SQL database query language. It was formally adopted in July 2008. The standard consists of 9 parts which are described in detail in SQL. The next iteration is SQL:2011


1. New features

Additions to the Foundation include

  • enhancements to derived column names.
  • partitioned JOIN tables,
  • support for various XQuery regular expression/pattern-matching features, and
  • INSTEAD OF database triggers,
  • the TRUNCATE TABLE statement,
  • comma-separated WHEN clauses in a CASE expression,
  • enhanced MERGE and DIAGNOSTIC statements,

2. Claims of conformance

The minimum level of conformance to SQL:2008 that a product can claim is called "Core SQL:2008" and is limited to definitions specified in two parts of the standard: the Foundation and the Information and Definition Schemas.