ⓘ Lexus Link


ⓘ Lexus Link

Lexus Link, launched October, 2000, is a subscription-based safety and security service from Lexus. It has been offered as a factory-installed option, available on certain Lexus models, offering call-center-based telematics services to owners with equipped vehicles in the United States and Canada. The second-generation Lexus Link system utilizes a dedicated cellular phone, Global Positioning Satellite technology and 24-hour live-operator support. In 2009, an expanded system with added functionality, Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, succeeded Lexus Link.


1. History

The first generation Lexus Link system was a private-labeled brand of OnStar, operating on Verizon Wireless’ cellular network, available as a factory-installed option on the following vehicles in Model Years 2001-04: LS 430 01-04, GX 470 03-04, LX 470 03-04, SC 430 03-04 and RX 330 04. The first generation system was analog-only and is no longer operational.

The second generation Lexus Link system was launched October 2005 as a private-label brand of OEM Telematics Services, available as a factory-installed option on MY 2006 and later LX, GX vehicles produced October 1, 2005 and later and MY 2007 and later LX, GX, LS, GS vehicles and uses dual-mode digital/analog technology operating on Verizon Wireless’ cellular network.

The differences between the first and second generation systems are as follows:


2. Services

Lexus Link is offered in the continental U.S and Alaska. Different service packages are offered to customers. While safety and security are the main purpose of the Lexus Link system, further services include driving directions, information assistance, traffic, weather, stock quotes, or Personal Calling. Depending on service package, potential services include:


3. Analog Sunset

Due to the growth and acceptance of digital cellular systems, many cellular carriers have abandoned analog coverage in favor of digital service. The Federal Communications Commission FCC ruled that cellular telephone companies operating in the United States are no longer required to provide analog service after February 2008. As a result, beginning January 1, 2008, Lexus Link service in the U.S. and Canada will only be available through vehicles equipped with dual-mode analog/digital equipment.

Since the first-generation Lexus Link system uses analog cellular technology and cannot be modified to digital operation, Lexus offered to disable the Lexus Link system and remove the button panel from the vehicle at no cost for owners of model year 2001–2004 vehicles.

  • The Lexus IS Japanese: レクサス IS, Rekusasu IS is a compact executive car sold by Lexus since 1999. The IS was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza
  • The Lexus LX Japanese: レクサス LX, Rekusasu LX is a full - size luxury SUV sold by Lexus a luxury division of Toyota since January 1996 having entered manufacture
  • Lexus レクサス, Rekusasu is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Lexus brand is marketed in more than 70 countries and territories
  • The Lexus LS Japanese: レクサス LS, Rekusasu LS is a full - size luxury sedan F - segment in Europe serving as the flagship model of Lexus the luxury division
  • The Lexus GS Japanese: レクサス GS, Rekusasu GS is an executive car sold by Lexus the premium division of Toyota. The same car launched in 1991 as the
  • The Lexus RX Japanese: レクサス RX, Rekusasu RX is a mid - size luxury crossover SUV sold since 1998 by Lexus a luxury division of Toyota. Originally released
  • The Lexus ES Japanese: レクサス ES, Rekusasu ES is a series of compact executive, then mid - size luxury cars sold by Lexus the luxury division of Toyota
  • The Lexus LFA Japanese: レクサス LFA, Rekusasu LFA is a two - seat sports car manufactured by Lexus the luxury car division of Toyota. It is the second model
  • The Lexus LS XF40 is the fourth generation of the Lexus LS line of full - size luxury sedans. Lexus debuted the model line at the 2006 North American
  • The Lexus IS XE20 is the second generation of the Lexus IS line of compact executive cars. Sold by Lexus since 2005, the line includes multiple V6 gasoline - powered
  • The Lexus F marque represents the high - performance division of cars produced by Lexus The F marque refers to Flagship, and Fuji Speedway, the chief test