ⓘ César Award for Best Poster


ⓘ Cesar Award for Best Poster

The Cesar Award for Best Poster is a former category of the Cesar Awards, Frances national film award. The nominations were selected by members of the Academie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema.

The award was first made in 1986, but was discontinued after only five years due to the difficulty the organisers found in crediting a single individual or team with the design of the poster, which was often a collaborative work by several teams. Moreover, many film posters were not French, being imported, particularly from America.

The five winners of the Best Poster award were:

1986: Harem, poster design by Michel Landi 1987: 37°2 le matin released in English as Betty Blue, by Christian Blondel 1988: Tandem, by Stephane Bielikoff 1989: La Petite Voleuse released in English as The Little Thief, by Annie Miller, Luc Roux and Stephane Bielikoff 1990: Cinema Paradiso, by Jouineau Bourduge