ⓘ Hemau


ⓘ Hemau

Hemau is a small town in Southern Germany, in the district of Regensburg. The town is situated on the Tangrintel, a ridge which runs between the rivers Altmuhl and Schwarze Laber.

It lies on the B8 road, 28 km 17 miles North-West of Regensburg, 77 km, 48 miles South-East of Nuremberg. The nearest town, about 5 km 3 mi distant, are Beratzhausen and Laaber.

The area around Hemau was settled in pre-Roman times. Archaeological interest are the remains of two Celtic settlements Keltenschanzen in nearby villages Laufenthal and Thonlohe. In Hemau the name is attested as Hembaur in the 9th century, Hembur 13. In 2005, Hemau celebrated the 700th anniversary of its Foundation.

Today Hemau is best approached from the A3 motorway exit Beratzhausen when approaching from the North, or Nittendorf when coming from the South. The nearest railway station is Beratzhausen. There are three schools, elementary school, actual and real, the nearest gym is in Parsberg.

Hemau boasts the largest solar energy plant in the world, which was opened on 29 April 2003.