ⓘ Southwest Hunter Mountain


ⓘ Southwest Hunter Mountain

Southwest Hunter Mountain is a subpeak of Hunter Mountain, located in Greene County, New York. SW Hunter is considered one of the Catskills High Peaks in its own right, because of its separation from the main summit, and its topographic prominence. Hunter Mountain is named after John Hunter, who also gave his name to the town of Hunter.

Southwest Hunter is part of a series the devils Path in the Catskill mountains. SW hunter is adjacent to the North-East from the main summit of hunter MTN., and West Windows face West to kill the mountain 800-m-deep diamond knurling. Is considered a bushwack, as there are no trails leading to its summit. There are, however, a herd path 0.1 km 160 m to the West from devils acre of canopy is marked with a small rock Cairn that leads to the top of the canister, following along the ridge 3/4 of a mile and then turn uphill to the peak of its next turn is easy to miss and only the arrow scratched on a nearby rock.

Southwest hunter is in the pool of the Hudson river, which drains into new York Bay. North side of SW hunter drains in the headwaters of the West kill, thence into Schoharie Creek, the Mohawk river and the Hudson. In the South-Eastern slopes Drain SW hunter in Myrtle Creek, thence into stony clove Creek Esopus Creek and the Hudson river. In the South-West side of SW hunter flows in hollow brook, thence into stony clove Creek.

Mountain hunter, contained in the hunter mountain wild forest of the state of new York Catskill Park.

This mountain has no name in the GNIs database, are being taken to get a peak named peak Leavitt in honor of bill and Elinore Leavitt, two of the founders of the Catskill 3500 clubs.

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