ⓘ World Socialist Party of India


ⓘ World Socialist Party of India

Founded in March 1995 in Calcutta by members of the Marxist International Correspondence Circle May 1990 in collaboration with the Bengali language journal Lal Pataka group January 1983, having broken away from the Communist Party of India Marxist in 1982, the WSPI inaugurated on 1–3 March 1995 in the Students Hall, College Squire, Calcutta.

The adoption of the object and Declaration of principles in 1904 of the Socialist party of great Britain SPGB as a basis, the group appreciated the SPGB for its opposition to world wars on the basis of class and description of Russia in 1918 as "state capitalism." As the SPGB, it has no manual.

The party was created with the SPGB and formally established themselves as a companion party of the world socialist movement, the CSM in 1995. In common with other WSM parties, it was formed as a revolutionary party opposed to Leninism, and seeking to win control of the state by parliamentary means in order to abolish it and establish socialism on a global scale.

The party was the only party WSM in Asia up to the 9th Annual Congress in February 2003, when he went to a branch of Socialist studies, which lasted five years. This led to a split-called international socialist group, who remained with WSM. However, the party to join the WSM and was ratified by the Executive Committee of the SPGB on 5 may 2014.

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