ⓘ Poznań Fortress


ⓘ Poznan Fortress

Poznan Fortress, known in German as Festung Posen was a set of fortifications in the city of Poznan in western Poland, built under Prussian rule in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It represents the third largest system of its kind in Europe.

The first set of fortifications was a tight defensive ring around the Central part of poznań, including the main citadel called Fort square, now the Park of the Citadel. The construction of these fortifications began in 1828. Later, in 1876, an outer defensive ring was built around the perimeter of the city, consisting mainly of a series of "FORTS" that have been preserved.

The term later the fortress was also used by German fascist invaders during the offensive of the red Army in the closing phases of world war II, to refer to Poznans status as one of the "mainstays" Festungen who were supposed to protect. He fell in the battle of poznań in 1945 the Fort square, the last point of resistance.