ⓘ The Dresden Dolls (EP)


ⓘ The Dresden Dolls (EP)

The Dresden Dolls is the self-titled debut EP by American dark cabaret band The Dresden Dolls, released in 2001. It is a completely separate release from the bands 2003 debut studio album, also titled The Dresden Dolls.

The CD was recorded and engineered in the sound studios and at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts Owen Curtin in 2001, mastered by Noah-Blumenson cook, with guest rating Brian Knoth playing a guitar solo on "good day".

The album was first sold at the groups first performance at middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The band made 50 copies, all of which were sold at the exhibition. The covers are slightly different from copies sold later.

The EP was sold the shows to the end of 2003, by mail prior to the beginning of 2004, and drummer Brian Viglione while he was working at Toscaninis, ice cream shops in Cambridge. The EP is already out of print, although "girl anachronism" is available for download from the groups Official website.

It is unknown exactly how many copies exist, although singer Amanda Palmer has estimated that "several thousand copies" exist.