ⓘ The Great Waltz (1938 film)


ⓘ The Great Waltz (1938 film)

The Great Waltz is a 1938 American biographical film based very loosely on the life of Johann Strauss II. It starred Luise Rainer, Fernand Gravet, and Miliza Korjus. Rainer received top billing at the producers insistence, but her role is comparatively minor as Strauss wife, Poldi Vogelhuber. It was the only starring role for Korjus, who was a famous opera soprano and played one in the film.

Joseph Ruttenberg won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Korjus was nominated for Supporting Actress, and Tom Held for Film Editing. The film was popular in Australia, and was distributed largely throughout Sydney and Melbourne for two years after its initial release.

The film has no connection with the 1934 Broadway play The Great Waltz.


1. Plot summary

The highly fictionalised story sees "Schani" dismissed from his job in a bank. He puts together a group of unemployed musicians who wangle a performance at Dommayers cafe. The audience is minimal, but when two opera singers, Carla Donner Miliza Korjus and Fritz Schiller George Houston, visit whilst their carriage is being repaired, the music attracts a wider audience.

Strauss is caught up in a student protest; he and Carla Donner avoid arrest and escape to the Vienna Woods, where he is inspired to create the waltz "Tales from the Vienna Woods".

Carla asks Strauss for some music to sing at an aristocratic soiree, and this leads to the composer receiving a publishing contract. Hes on his way, and he can now marry Poldi Vogelhuber, his sweetheart. But the closeness of Strauss and Carla Donner, during rehearsals of operettas, attracts comment, not least from Count Hohenfried, Donners admirer.

Poldi remains loyal to Strauss, and the marriage is a long one. He is received by the Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria whom he unknowingly insulted in the aftermath of the student protests, and the two stand before cheering crowds on the balcony of Schonbrunn.


2. Cast

  • Christian Rub as Coachman
  • Bert Roachas Vogelhuber
  • George Houston as Schiller
  • Curt Bois as Kienzl
  • Minna Gombell as Mrs. Hofbauer
  • Fernand Gravet as Johann Strauss II
  • Alma Kruger as Mrs. Strauss
  • Miliza Korjus as Carla Donner
  • Al Shean as Cellist
  • Lionel Atwill as Count Hohenfried
  • Greta Meyer as Mrs. Vogelhuber
  • Sig Rumann as Wertheimer
  • Frank Mayo as Ships Officer uncredited
  • Herman Bing as Dommayer
  • Henry Hull as Franz Joseph I of Austria
  • Luise Rainer as Poldi Vogelhuber
  • Hugh Herbert as Hofbauer
  • Larry Steers as Man in Uniform uncredited
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