ⓘ Cobaltite


ⓘ Cobaltite

Cobaltite is a sulfide mineral composed of cobalt, arsenic, and sulfur, CoAsS. Its impurities may contains up to 10% iron and variable amounts of nickel. Structurally, it resembles pyrite with one of the sulfur atoms replaced by an arsenic atom.

Although rare, it is mined as a significant source of the strategically important metal cobalt. Secondary weathering incrustations of erythrite, hydrated cobalt arsenate, are common.

Name from the German, Kobold, "underground spirit" in allusion to the "refusal" of cobaltiferous ores to smelt as they are expected.

It occurs in high temperature hydrothermal deposits and contact metamorphic rocks. It is found in Association with magnetite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, skutterudite, allanite, zoisite, scapolite, titanite, calcite, and along with numerous other co–Ni sulfides and arsenides. She was described as early as 1832.

It is mainly in Norway, Germany, Cornwall, England, Canada, La Cobaltera, Chile, Australia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco and Sweden.

Cobaltite can be separated from other minerals by controlled selective, pH, methods of flotation, the extraction of cobalt usually involves hydrometallurgy. It can also be with the methods pryometallurgical, such as Flash smelting.

  • LSCF also called lanthanum strontium cobaltite ferrite is a specific ceramic oxide derived from lanthanum cobaltite of the ferrite group. It is a phase
  • Lanthanum cobaltite is a perovskite with chemical formula LaCoO3. As a solid, the structure LaCoO3, will exist as rhombohedral material at room temperature
  • Lithium cobalt oxide, sometimes called lithium cobaltate or lithium cobaltite is a chemical compound with formula LiCoO 2. The cobalt atoms are formally
  • silver white forms. Gersdorffite belongs to a solid solution series with cobaltite CoAsS. Antimony freely substitutes also leading to ullmannite, NiSbS
  • Fe AsS Gudmundite FeSbS Lautite CuAsS Alloclasite Co, Fe AsS Cobaltite group Cobaltite CoAsS Gersdorffite NiAsS Ullmannite Ni, Cu, Fe Sb, As, Bi S Klein
  • Antimony glance Stibnite Bismuth glance Bismutite Cobalt glance Cobaltite Copper glance Chalcocite Iron glance Hematite Lead glance Galena
  • zone of Co Ni As bearing mineral deposits. It occurs in association with cobaltite skutterudite, symplesite, roselite - beta, scorodite, pharmacosiderite
  • dolomite, quartz, cofinite, pitchblende, native gold, native silver, cobaltite and micas. Jolliffeite PDF Handbook of Mineralogy. Retrieved December
  • oxidation zones containing primary Co minerals like skutterudite or cobaltite These minerals are: biebierite heptahydrate moorhouseite Co, Ni, Mn SO4
  • Chalcocite: Cu2S Chalcopyrite: CuFeS2 Chromite: Fe, Mg Cr2O4 Cinnabar: HgS Cobaltite Co, Fe AsS Coltan: Fe, Mn Nb, Ta 2O6 Galena: PbS Gold: Au Hematite: Fe2O3