ⓘ 1888 United States House of Representatives elections


ⓘ 1888 United States House of Representatives elections in Wisconsin

Elections to the United States House of Representatives held in 1888 were held to choose members of the 51st Congress, and were held at the same time as the election of President Benjamin Harrison.

Harrisons Republican party gained a majority in the house at the expense of the Democratic party, even though incumbent President Grover Cleveland actually received more votes than expected Harrison. However, as in other elections, during a period of widespread vote suppression and fraud was common on behalf of the Democrats against black Republicans in the South. The Republican majority in the House of representatives, in uncontested elections dropped the number initially reported as a victory of democratic candidates in favor of candidates from the Republican party who challenged their loss of the election. The issue of tariffs played a key role in these elections. The Democrats, with the support of farmers and laborers, wanted to lower tariffs to promote free trade, while Republicans are relying on industry and big business, believes that the increase in tariffs needed to protect American manufacturing. Especially in industrial regions, voters chose the Republican view on tariffs, as they gave the party a small majority in the house.