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2A Continental Architectural Awards

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards is an architecture award, organized by the 2A Magazine to recognize and honor an individual or a group’s contribution to the world of architecture.

Arab Cartoon Award

The Arab Cartoon Award is a Qatari Award conferred to those who made artistic excellence in drawing Cartoon in the Arab World. Established in 2012, it is sponsored by Ministry of Culture Arts and Heritage of Qatar, Ooredoo communications company, and Dar Al-Sharq for Media publication.

Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Big Budget Feature (Comedy)

The Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Big Budget Feature is an award handed out annually by the Casting Society of America. The award, in its current incarnation, was first awarded in 2010, when the category made the distinction of award comedic films with larger budgets, and studio backing. Previously, since the second awards ceremony in 1986, the category had only held the distinction of Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film Casting – Comedy. The award honors the casting directors of higher-budgeted, in comparison to independently-backed, films that the voting body ...

Crown Prince Couple's Awards

The Crown Prince Couples Awards are a set of culture and social prizes awarded annually by Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark. The awards were established in 2004 as a gift from the Bikuben Foundation on the occasion of the couples marriage.

Cultural Medallion

The Cultural Medallion is a Singapore cultural award conferred to those who have achieved artistic excellence in dance, theatre, literature, music, photography, art and film. It is widely recognized as Singapores pinnacle arts award. It was instituted in March 1979 as an initiative of the late President, Ong Teng Cheong who was the then Minister for Culture. It is administered by the National Arts Council. On 20 October 2006, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Dr Lee Boon Yang announced that Cultural Medallion recipients are eligible for a project grant of up to S$80.000 ...

Danish Design Award

The Danish Design Award is an annual international design prize awarded by the member organization Design denmark and Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Design Award demonstrates the value and impact of design in Denmark today and inspires and stimulates the use of design and design thinking in companies and society. The new partnership behind the Danish Design Award brings together the design industry and the entire country around an annual design event celebrating the difference design can make. Fifty years ago, in 1965, the first Danish design award, the ID Prize was la ...