ⓘ 12th César Awards


ⓘ 12th Cesar Awards

The 12th Cesar Awards ceremony, presented by the Academie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema, honoured the best French films of 1986 and took place on 7 March 1987 at the Palais des Congres in Paris. The ceremony was chaired by Sean Connery and hosted by Michel Drucker and Pierre Tchernia. Therese won the award for Best Film.


1. Winners and nominees

The winners are highlighted in bold:

  • Honorary Cesar: Etablissement cinematographique des Armees Yves Allegret - Posthumously Jean Gabin - Posthumously Jean-Luc Godard
  • Best Fiction Short: La Goula, directed by Roger Guillot Alger la blanche, directed by Cyril Collard Les Arcandiers, directed by Manuel Sanchez Bel ragazzo, directed by Georges Bensoussan Belle de jour, directed by Henri Gruvman Bocetta revient de guerre, directed by Jean-Pierre Sinapi Le Bridge, directed by Gilles Dagneau
  • Best Music: Herbie Hancock, for Round Midnight Gabriel Yared, for 37°2 le matin Jean-Claude Petit, for Jean de Florette Serge Gainsbourg, for Tenue de soiree
  • Best Actress: Sabine Azema, for Melo Beatrice Dalle, for 37°2 le matin Jane Birkin, for La Femme de ma vie Juliette Binoche, for Mauvais sang Miou-Miou, for Tenue de soiree
  • Most Promising Actor: Isaach De Bankole, for Black Mic Mac Remi Martin, for Conseil de famille Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, for Gardien de la nuit Cris Campion, for Pirates
  • Best Production Design: Pierre Guffroy, for Pirates Alexandre Trauner, for Round Midnight Jacques Saulnier, for Melo Bernard Evein, for Therese
  • Best Foreign Film: Der Name der Rose, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud After Hours, directed by Martin Scorsese Hannah and Her Sisters, directed by Woody Allen The Mission, directed by Roland Joffe Out of Africa, directed by Sydney Pollack
  • Most Promising Actress: Catherine Mouchet, for Therese Dominique Blanc, for La Femme de ma vie Julie Delpy, for Mauvais sang Marianne Basler, for Rosa la rose, fille publique
  • Best Costume Design: Anthony Powell, for Pirates Catherine Leterrier, for Melo Yvette Bonnay, for Therese
  • Best Writing: Alain Cavalier, Camille de Casabianca, for Therese Francis Veber, for Les Fugitifs Claude Berri, Gerard Brach, for Jean de Florette Bertrand Blier, for Tenue de soiree
  • Best Editing: Isabelle Dedieu, for Therese Armand Psenny, for Round Midnight Monique Prim, for 37°2 le matin Claudine Merlin, for Tenue de soiree
  • Best Sound: Bernard Leroux, Claude Villand, Michel Desrois, William Flageollet, for Round Midnight Pierre Gamet, Laurent Quaglio, Dominique Hennequin, for Jean de Florette Dominique Hennequin, Bernard Bats, for Tenue de soiree Alain Lachassagne, Dominique Dalmasso, for Therese
  • Best Film: Therese, directed by Alain Cavalier 37°2 le matin, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix Jean de Florette, directed by Claude Berri Melo, directed by Alain Resnais Tenue de soiree, directed by Bertrand Blier
  • Best First Work: La Femme de ma vie, directed by Regis Wargnier Black Mic Mac, directed by Thomas Gilou Je hais les acteurs, directed by Gerard Krawczyk Noir et blanc, directed by Claire Devers
  • Best Supporting Actor: Pierre Arditi, for Melo Gerard Darmon, for 37°2 le matin Jean-Louis Trintignant, for La Femme de ma vie Jean Carmet, for Les Fugitifs Claude Pieplu, for Le Paltoquet
  • Best Supporting Actress: Emmanuelle Beart, for Manon des sources Clementine Celarie, for 37°2 le matin Marie Dubois, for Descente aux enfers Danielle Darrieux, for Le Lieu du crime Jeanne Moreau, for Le Paltoquet
  • Best Cinematography: Philippe Rousselot, for Therese Bruno Nuytten, for Jean de Florette Jean-Yves Escoffier, for Mauvais sang Charles Van Damme, for Melo
  • Best Director: Alain Cavalier, for Therese Jean-Jacques Beineix, for 37°2 le matin Claude Berri, for Jean de Florette Alain Resnais, for Melo Bertrand Blier, for Tenue de soiree
  • Best Actor: Daniel Auteuil, for Jean de Florette Jean-Hugues Anglade, for 37°2 le matin Christophe Malavoy, for La Femme de ma vie Andre Dussollier, for Melo Michel Blanc, for Tenue de soiree