ⓘ Kaycee, Wyoming


ⓘ Kaycee, Wyoming

Kaycee is a town in Johnson County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 263 at the 2010 census. It is home to a museum that preserves the cattle ranching heritage of the area, especially the history of the Johnson County War.

Kaycee was registered in 1906 after the establishment of a small post office and General store. The city was named in honor of the brand "COP" is used by its early settler, John Nolan. The government demanded that the name will be spelled out in the "Kaycee". The city is home to three churches, two bars, one restaurant, one store, one Museum, one K-12 school, not a single traffic light.

Western music star and Rodeo champion Chris Ledoux lives on a ranch near Kaycee, although he was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The former NCAA division III athlete of Noah elms was born and raised in Kaycee.

The Governor of Wyoming mark Gordon rose Gordon ranch near Kaycee. Gordon is the owner of the Merlin ranch East of Buffalo and is affiliated with the 48 ranch partnership in Kaycee.

  • Kaycee School is a small rural K 12 public school in Johnson County School District 1 in Kaycee Wyoming Enrollment is approximately 160 students. Official
  • Robinson during World War II. His family soon relocated to a ranch near Kaycee Wyoming where Schiffer would be raised. He graduated from the Hotchkiss School
  • Kaycee in Johnson County, located in northern Wyoming Reared on the Gordon Ranch, Gordon is still affiliated with the 48 Ranch Partnership in Kaycee
  • southwestern Johnson County, Wyoming The bridge was built in 1931 across the South Fork of the Powder River near Kaycee Wyoming AJX Bridge was built to
  • three forks meet on the foothills east of the Bighorns near the town of Kaycee The combined stream flows northward, east of the Bighorns, and into Montana
  • located northwest of Kaycee From there WYO 191 travels southeast towards Kaycee Nearing its end the eastern terminus of Wyoming Highway 190 Barnum Road
  • south of Kaycee to I - 25 Business US 87 Business in Buffalo near Exit 298. Wyoming Highway 196 begins at exit 249, 4.5 miles 7.2 km south of Kaycee at the
  • begins its western end in Kaycee at an intersection with Wyoming Highway 196 Nolan Avenue and the eastern terminus of Wyoming Highway 191 Mayoworth Road
  • River. At 9.66 miles, WYO 190 reaches it eastern end at Wyoming Highway 191 Mayoworth Road in Kaycee Exit 254 of I - 25 US 87 can be accessed via WYO 191
  • LeDoux, and has released two studio albums. Ned LeDoux was born in Kaycee Wyoming also the hometown of his father, country music singer Chris LeDoux
  • Powder River in southeast Johnson County about twenty miles east of Kaycee Wyoming The store was built in 1914, and was listed on the National Register