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Civilokonom, literally "civil economist", is a professional title in Denmark used for an individual who holds a certain degree in business administration and economics after three years of studies: Erhvervsvidenskabelig Afgangseksamen candidatus mercaturae. The candidatus mercaturae is a 2-year MSc programme on top of the BSc Handelsvidenskabelig Afgangseksamen, so a person holding a cand.merc title has studied at a university for at least 5 years. Both the undergraduate and the graduate programs are offered as combination programs including other scientific fields, such as computer science, psychology, math, philosophy etc.

  • the degree increased from four to five years of study. Civilekonom for the corresponding Swedish title Civilokonom for the corresponding Danish title
  • Jonkoping Halmstad University Halmstad Karlstad University Karlstad Civilokonom for the corresponding Danish title Sivilokonom for the corresponding
  • It is a two - year master s following the three - year B.Sc. Civilekonom Civilokonom Sivilokonom European Joint Master degree in Economics QEM EMLE Masters