ⓘ 23rd Parliament of Ontario


ⓘ 23rd Parliament of Ontario

The 23rd Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 2, 1948, until October 6, 1951, just prior to the 1951 general election. The majority party was the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, however its leader, George Drew, lost his seat in the 1948 general election and soon after resigned as party leader to enter federal politics and take the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. He was replaced on October 19, 1948, by Thomas Laird Kennedy who served as premier and interim Progressive Conservative leader until Leslie Frost became party leader and succeeded Kennedy as premier on May 4, 1949.

The official opposition was led by Ted Jolliffe of the cooperative Commonwealth Federation CCF.

S. M. Davis has served as speaker of the Assembly.

On 5 April 1951, the law on fair recruitment practices and female employees fair remuneration act was adopted. The first act introduced fines and complaints procedure in order to combat discrimination on grounds of race or religion when applying for a job. The second act was intended to ensure that workers received the same wages as a worker doing the same job with the same employer.

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  • of Ontario is the provincial flag of Ontario Canada. It is a defaced Red Ensign, with the Royal Union Flag in the canton and the Ontario shield of arms