ⓘ Hub


ⓘ Hub

  • Bicycle hub, the central part of a bicycle wheel
  • A hub is the central part of a wheel that connects the axle to the wheel itself.
  • Wheel hub assembly, an automotive part
  • Locking hubs, accessory on four-wheel drive vehicles

1. Arts and media

  • Discovery Family, a digital cable and satellite television channel formerly known as "Hub Network" aka "The Hub"
  • The Hub Torchwood, a setting in the television series Torchwood
  • Hub comics, a Marvel comics fictional character

2. Buildings

  • The Hub building, a residential skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York
  • Hubbard Hall, a residence hall at the University of New Hampshire
  • HUB Tower, in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Husky Union Building, at the University of Washington

3. Computing

  • Hub network science, referring to a node with a huge number of links
  • ARCNET hub
  • USB hub
  • SATA hub or port multiplier
  • Hubs and authorities, a scheme used for ranking web pages
  • Ethernet hub, a computer networking hardware device
  • Email hub, a computer system dedicated to relay e-mail messages

4. Organizations

  • Hub International, a North American insurance brokerage
  • Harvard University Band
  • Hub Culture, a social network company
  • Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

5. Places


  • Hub, Balochistan, a city in Pakistan
  • Hub Dam, in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Hub River, in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Hub Tehsil, in Balochistan, Pakistan


  • Hub, Mississippi, US
  • Hubei, a province of China Guobiao abbreviation HUB
  • Hub City disambiguation
  • Hub, California, US
  • Boston, Massachusetts, US

6. Transport

  • Transport hub, where traffic is exchanged across several modes of transport
  • Airline hub, an airport used as transfer point
  • Hunmanby railway station, England