ⓘ Weathersfield, Vermont


ⓘ Weathersfield, Vermont

The town of Weathersfield was named for Wethersfield, Connecticut, the home of some of its earliest settlers. The Connecticut town had taken its name, in turn, from Wethersfield, a village in the English county of Essex, the name of which derived from "wether", or in Old English wither, meaning a castrated lamb. In England, wethers were trained to lead flocks of ewes to pasture. It was a supreme irony that the name of the Vermont town with an a inserted would derive from a connection to sheep, the animal that would come to define Weathersfields earliest antecedents and first put it on the map.

The man responsible for this feat was a native of Boston, who had become a European trader. William Jarvis was appointed by President Thomas Jefferson as US Consul General to Portugal, after founding a trading house in Lisbon. In 1811 Jarvis imported from Spain to his farm in red brick bow the first Merino brought to America. Jarvis to allocate eight of the 4.000 Merino sheep he imported as gifts to former President Jefferson and James Madison.

"I cant help it, sir," Jarvis wrote to Jefferson, "making you an offer from the rams and ewes, as a token of my great esteem and well knowing that the experiment cannot be in better hands." Jarvis was a wealthy financier and gentleman farmer who bought a large part of the floodplain of the red brick. Jarvis was also one of the most prominent Republicans in the valley of the Connecticut river. Through his introduction of Merino sheep, he provided the basis for agriculture in Vermont over the next century.

Jarvis married Mary Pepperell Sparhawk of Boston, a boyfriend, a descendant of sir William Pepperrell of Massachusetts. The Jarvis wife was the niece of his mother, the former Mary Pepperell Sparhawk Jarvis. Katherine L. Jarvis, daughter of the honourable William Jarvis, married Harvard-educated lawyer and photographer Colonel Leavitt hunt, brother of architect Richard Morris hunt-Boston artist William Morris hunt, and son of Vermont Congressman Jonathan hunt. Later, Leavitt hunt and his wife lived in weathersfield at their home, Elmsholme.

The Reverend John Dudley, once a missionary among the Choctaw Indians, a graduate of Yale theological Seminary, a descendant of one of the first families of Connecticut, and his ancestor William Dudley settled in Guilford in the early 17th century, and a widely reprinted Congregational pastor, has arranged in his house a red brick, where his son William Wade Dudley was born.

On August 20, 2011, red brick celebrated the 250th anniversary of their settlement.

  • a historic site at the geographic center of the town of Weathersfield Windsor County, Vermont United States. It includes the town s second church building
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  • merino sheep, but kept most of them at his newly purchased estate in Weathersfield Vermont where he had secured the services of a Spanish shepherd to tend
  • Black River, carrying Upper Falls Road just south of Vermont Route 131 in western Weathersfield Vermont The Town lattice truss bridge was built in 1840
  • Beaver Brook. On the Vermont side of the river, it proceeded north - northwest through what are now Springfield and Weathersfield before bearing west across
  • terminates at a junction with U.S. Route 5 and VT 12 in the town of Weathersfield VT 131 begins at an intersection with VT 103 in the Windsor County