ⓘ Wheelock, Vermont


ⓘ Wheelock, Vermont

The town was named after Eleazar Wheelock, the founder of Dartmouth College. Through an old provision of the college, any full-time resident of Wheelock who is accepted as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College may attend the school free of tuition. Between the 1890s and 2017, nine Wheelock Scholars attended Dartmouth College, including Ozias D. Mathewson class of 1890, Harland Deos class of 1939, Winston Shorey class of 1941, Neil Barber class of 1942, Arthur Bailey Jr. class of 1956, Robert St. Louis member of the class of 1975, finished all requirements for graduation but died in an accident a week before commencement, Maura Nolan class of 1988, George Hill class of 2005, and Noah Manning class of 2017.

Standing in the centre of the village for many years was the old brick hotel, known as the Caledonia spring house. In 1893, D. Park Myron, who served four years as a Wheelock official, sold the Caledonia Spring house in Marshall road. The hotel was the site of a famous murder on may 20, 1896, when the owner of the Marshall killed his 44-year-old wife, Ellen Sheldon, in the front garden. According To SV. Johnsbury Caledonia from may 22, 1896, "the small town of Wheelock was thrown into last Wednesday night in a wild excitement when the cry went around that the way Marshall killed his wife. It was a terrible shock for the people of the quiet town, and it may be many days before they sufficiently recovered to communicate to any length to another topic."

After the murder, the Caledonia spring house was sold to Alden J. Rennie, owner of several mills in Sutton, Sheffield and Wheelock. The building was dismantled in the 1990s, years after falling into disrepair. It was moved to Peacham, where he restored on private property.

Of Eleazar, grandson based Wheelocks Wheelock, Texas in the early 1800s and named it after the original town in Vermont.

  • retaliation for these slights, Wheelock and others led twelve New Hampshire towns to secede from the state and attempt to join Vermont The next year, 1777, as
  • England Wheelock Vermont Wheelock North Dakota, a ghost town in the United States Wheelock Texas, a small town near College Station, Texas Wheelock Parkway
  • The Wheelock Common Historic District encompasses the traditional town center of the small northeastern Vermont community of Wheelock Located at the
  • Glover, and Greensboro, and the Caledonia County towns of Sheffield and Wheelock As of the 2000 census, the state as a whole had a population of 608, 827
  • Lebanon. Wheelock Vermont in Caledonia County is named for him. During World War II a Liberty Ship Maritime Hull Number 0038 was named for Wheelock This
  • Lucy Wheelock was born in Cambridge, Vermont February 1, 1857. She was of New England descent. Her parents included Edwin and Laura Pierce Wheelock and
  • R. Wheelock originally planned to name the community after Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar, but the community was named after Wheelock Vermont in 1837
  • 3.19 km2 in Sheffield, Sutton and Wheelock Vermont in Caledonia County. The forest is managed by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation
  • The Wheelock House is a historic house at 1096 Vermont Route 30 in Townshend, Vermont Built in stages in the mid - 19th century, it exhibits an unusual
  • Wheelock Graves Veazey December 5, 1835 March 22, 1898 was an American attorney, judge, and government official. Veazey served as a justice of the
  • missionary in Vermont In 1844, Wheelock tried to convince Governor Thomas Ford of Illinois to release Joseph Smith Jr. from Carthage Jail. Wheelock gave Smith
  • and Intermodal Development Division, Vermont Agency of Transportation. Retrieved February 18, 2017. Lyndon Wheelock Sheffield Glover Mapping Section November
  • John Fassett Jr., Vermont Supreme Court Justice, 1778 - 1786 Anson D. Morse, educator and historian Lucy Wheelock educator and Wheelock College founder William