ⓘ Mount Andrus


ⓘ Mount Andrus

Mount Andrus is a shield volcano 3.2 km SE of Mount Boennighausen in the SE extremity of Ames Range, in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Mapped by USGS from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos, 1964-68. Named by US-ACAN for Lt. Carl H. Andrus, US Navy, medical officer and Officer-in-Charge of Byrd Station in 1964.

Andrus has a 4.5 km-wide caldera at its summit. Weak fumarolic activity was detected in 1977 at Mt. Kauffman in the northern end of the Ames Range of which Mt. Andrus is the southernmost volcano.

The westward face of Mt. Andrus is drained by the Coleman Glacier, with significant crevassing present.

In an interesting side note, Mt. Andrus was reportedly climbed by one Michael J. Andrus no relation to Carl H. Andrus in August 2006 for the purpose of downhill skiing, which would make him the first Andrus to visit the mountain though perhaps not the last. Carl H. Andrus is himself an avid mountain climber, having summited all 46 of the Adirondack high peaks and having, in his youth, climbed the Matterhorn.

  • Andrus may refer to: Andrus Island, island in the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta, California, United States Mount Andrus shield volcano in Antarctica
  • consists of three coalescing shield volcanoes: Mount Andrus Mount Kosciusko and Mount Kauffman, and Mount Boennighausen. There are several glaciers draining
  • War II. Burton Curtis Andrus was born in Fort Spokane, Washington on April 15, 1892, to Hermine nee Hill and Major Frank B. Andrus a United States Military
  • glacier draining the eastern slopes of the Ames Range between Mount Boennighausen and Mount Andrus in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. It was mapped by the United
  • Coleman Glacier may mean: Coleman Glacier Antarctica on Mount Andrus Coleman Glacier Washington on Mount Baker Coalman Glacier, on Mount Hood
  • Glacier is a steep, heavily crevassed glacier draining westward from Mount Andrus in the south part of the Ames Range, Marie Byrd Land. It was mapped by
  • Survey. Retrieved 2018 - 01 - 21. Andrus Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved 2018 - 01 - 20. Mount Andrus Geographic Names Information
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