ⓘ Eruca


ⓘ Eruca

Eruca is a genus of flowering plants in the family Brassicaceae, native to the Mediterranean region, which includes the leaf vegetable known as arugula or rocket.

The number of species is disputed, with some authorities only accept one type, while others accept up to five species. The following types are accepted by the med-checklist:

  • Eruca setulosa Boiss. & Reuter.
  • Eruca loncholoma Pomel O.E.Schulz.
  • Eruca vesicaria L. Cav.
  • Eruca sativa Mill. syn. E. vesicaria subsp. sativa Mill. Thell).
  • Eruca pinnatifida Desf. Pomel syn. E. sativa subsp. pinnatifida Desf. Batt., E. vesicaria subsp. pinnatifida Desf. Emberger & Maire).

When treated as a monospecific genus, all are included in E. vesicaria.

They are an annual plant growing 20-100 cm tall the Leaves are deeply pinnately lobed with four to ten small lateral lobes and large terminal lobe. The flowers are 2-4 cm diameter, arranged in corymbs, with a typical structure of the cabbage flower petals are creamy white with purple veins and yellow stamens. The fruit is a pod Siliqua 12-25 mm long, with apical beak, and containing several seeds.