ⓘ 1975 in video gaming


ⓘ 1975 in video gaming

  • On April 21, Zanussi obtained the license to implement Pong from Sanders Associates.
  • In Fall, Magnavox discontinues the original Odyssey video game console.

1.1. Notable releases Video game consoles

  • December, Atari and Tele-Games a division of Sears, Roebuck and Company release the first official home version of Pong called Home Pong through Sears department stores.
  • Philips released the Philips Tele-Game ES 2201 dedicated home video game console, the first system of the Philips Tele-Game series.
  • September 12, Epoch releases Japans first home video game console, the TV Tennis Electrotennis dedicated home video game console. Its most unusual feature is that the console including the controller is wireless, functioning through a UHF antenna.
  • Magnavox releases two new models of their Odyssey console: the Odyssey 100 and the Odyssey 200.

1.2. Notable releases Games

  • February, Midway releases Taitos 1974 arcade racing video game Speed Race, the first video game in the Speed Race series designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, in North America as Wheels and Racer.
  • February, Horror Games, founded by Nolan Bushnell, publishes its only game, Shark Jaws, intended to cash-in on the popularity of Steven Spielbergs film Jaws.
  • Taito releases Western Gun, the first video game to depict human-to-human combat. Designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, the game had two distinct joystick controls per player, with one eight-way joystick for moving the computerized cowboy around on the screen and the other for changing the shooting direction.
  • November, Midway releases Gun Fight, an adaptation of Taitos Western Gun and the first microprocessor-based video game. Taitos Western Gun used TTL-based hardware, which Dave Nutting Associates ported to the Intel 8080 microprocessor for its North American release.
  • Don Daglow develops Dungeon, an early role-playing video game, for the PDP-10.
  • William Crowther develops Adventure also known as Colossal Cave and ADVENT, the first interactive fiction game, for the PDP-10.
  • Rusty Rutherford develops pedit5, the first dungeon crawl game, for the PLATO system.
  • Moria, the first role-playing video game; where your character requires food and water; which allows dual-wielding; assigns offensive and defensive ratings to weapons; segregates arcane and priestly magic; deals with secret doors by having players walk through a blank walls; adventurers could team up and fight monsters together.
  • dnd, the first video game to include a boss, and arguably the first computer role-playing game, wrapped up initial development. Some sources list the game as 1974; it is unclear exactly when it became playable.
  • Nurburgring 1, the first first-person racing game, was developed in Germany by Dr. Reiner Foerst.