ⓘ 1995 in video gaming


ⓘ 1995 in video gaming

1995 has seen many sequels and prequels in video games and several new titles such as Marios Picross, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man 7, Rayman, Twisted Metal, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Destruction Derby and Super Mario World 2: Yoshis Island.


1. Events

  • November 24 - Nintendo unveils a playable version of the Nintendo Ultra 64, later renamed the Nintendo 64, at the 7th Annual Nintendo Space World Software Exhibition in Japan. Thirteen games were demonstrated but only two were in playable form, Kirby Ball 64 and Super Mario 64.
  • May 11–13 - The 1st annual Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 is held in Los Angeles, California.
  • November 5 - GameFAQs debuts on the web, as an archive of video game FAQs
  • May 11 – Introduction of trade magazine GameWeek then called Video Game Advisor

2. Hardware

  • Nintendo releases
  • April 23 - Satellaview accessory for the Super Famicom console in Japan only
  • March 20 - Game Boy Play It Loud! series, color/clear versions of the Game Boy
  • July 21 - Virtual Boy 32-bit console in Japan. It is discontinued on December 22.
  • September 9 - Sony releases the PlayStation console in the United States.
  • August 14 - The Nintendo Entertainment System NES is discontinued in North America.
  • May 11 - Sega releases the Sega Saturn console in North America.
  • September 29 - Sony releases the PlayStation console in Europe.
  • October 25 - Funtech releases the Super ACan console in Taiwan.

3. Business

  • Nintendo v. Samsung Electronics; Nintendo sues Samsung for promoting software piracy. The suit is settled.
  • New companies: BioWare, Frog City, Interworld Productions renamed Mythic Entertainment in 1997, Remedy, TalonSoft
  • Defunct: Cyberdreams
  • Nintendo of America, Inc. v. NTDEC

4. Highest-renting console titles according to Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster Video, an American chain of video rental shops, released a GamePro -exclusive monthly list of the chains highest-renting console titles.

Highest-renting SNES titles of 1995 Highest-renting Sega Genesis titles of 1995
  • tactical video game developed by Team17 and released in 1995 It is the first game in the Worms series of video games. Worms is a turn based game where a
  • action video game for the Super NES, Sega Genesis Mega Drive, Game Gear and Game Boy originally released in 1995 The game is loosely based on the 1995 film
  • Fahrenheit is a full motion video game published by Sega and developed by Sega Studios for release on the Sega CD and Sega 32X CD in 1995 Developed primarily
  • 2007 - 07 - 03 An Inside Play To Sway Video Gamers The Washington Post. Retrieved 2007 - 07 - 07. Gaming The System: How A Gaming Journalist Lost His Job Over A
  • games, and tabletop role - playing games published in 1995 For video games, see 1995 in video gaming Across Suez second, updated version Advanced Tracks
  • Descent is a first - person shooter FPS game developed by Parallax Software and released by Interplay Productions in 1995 for MS - DOS, and later for Macintosh
  • this title like the plague. Computer Gaming World May, 1995 PC Gamer Jun, 1995 Finals Next Generation. No. 6. Imagine Media. June 1995 p. 108.
  • is a Czech conquest science fiction video game and a clone of Dune II. It was developed by Phoenix Arts in 1995 and distributed by Vision and later by
  • Arnie Katz Bill Kunkel Joyce Worley August 1988 Video Gaming World Computer Gaming World. p. 44. I m sure you ve noticed that I ve made no reference