ⓘ 1946 United States Senate elections


ⓘ 1946 United States Senate election in California

The 1946 United States Senate elections were held November 5, 1946, in the middle of Democratic President Harry S. Trumans first term.

Republicans took control of the Senate, picking up twelve seats, mostly from Democrats.

The vote was largely seen as a referendum on Truman, whose approval rating is reduced by 32% in comparison with the presidents controversial handling of a wave of postwar strikes, such as a nationwide railroad strike in may, at a time when Americans depended on train as a commuter and long distance travel. The same damage was the Trumans and forth over whether to end unpopular price controls in time of war, to cope with the shortage, especially in food. For example, price controls on beef had led to a "hamburger famine", but when Truman, in a surprise move, lifted the controls on October 14 - just weeks before the election - meat prices soared to record levels.