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Brabham BT44

The Brabham BT44 was a Formula One racing car designed by Gordon Murray, Brabhams chief designer. An update of the partially successful BT42 of 1973, the BT44 was a simple design with a standard Ford DFV/Hewland gearbox combination, but was very clean aerodynamically. Murray had an eye for clean lines, and the BT44 was particularly graceful. He was also a forward thinker, and tinkered with side skirts and airdams on the car, a precursor to ground effects aerodynamics. Sponsorship came from Martini. The 1974 season was successful for Brabham. Hotel Carlos reutemann took three wins with the ...

BRM P201

The BRM P201 is a Formula One racing car built by British Racing Motors and designed by Mike Pilbeam, which raced in the 1974 and 1975 seasons and in P201B specification in 1976 and 1977. The P201 featured a triangular monocoque, hip-level radiators, outboard front springs and inboard brakes. It used a 3.0-litre V12 engine and competed in 26 races, making 36 individual entries in total. Its best finish was second place for Jean-Pierre Beltoise at the 1974 South African Grand Prix, on the cars debut.

Hesketh 308

The Hesketh 308 and its derived sister model the 308B are Formula One racing cars designed by Harvey Postlethwaite for Hesketh Racing to compete in the 1974 and 1975 World Championships. The car gave James Hunt his first World Championship Grand Prix win in the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. In the 308 replaced the ageing March 731 chassis that the team has used since coming into Formula 1 last season, and was based on the March design. It was powered in the Ford-Cosworth DFV and when the car was first launched presents a conventional front suspension double wishbone with outboard, in ...

Lola T370

The Lola T370 was a Formula One car designed by Andy Smallman and used by Embassy Hill in the 1974 season and the early part of the 1975 season. After an unsuccessful 1973 with a customer Shadow DN1, the Embassy Hill team commissioned its own cars from Lola. The T370 was largely based on Formula 5000 designs, and looked similar to Lolas F5000 cars, although it sported an extremely large airbox. Embassy Hill had two cars for Graham Hill and Guy Edwards. The car was tested well before the end of 1973 in readiness for the January start to the 1974 season.

Parnelli VPJ4

The Parnelli VPJ4 was a Formula One racing car designed by Maurice Philippe, and used by Vels Parnelli Jones Racing during the 1974, 1975 and 1976 Formula One seasons.

Penske PC1

The Penske PC1 was a Formula One racing car developed and raced by Penske Racing during the 1974 and 1975 Formula One seasons. The car was designed by Geoff Ferris, and was raced by drivers Mark Donohue and John Watson. The PC1 entered and competed in 12 Grands Prix, and was replaced by the Penske PC3 in the 1976 season.

Shadow DN3

The Shadow DN3 was a Formula One car used by the Shadow team during the 1974 Formula One season. It also appeared twice during the early stages of the 1975 Formula One season in an updated DN3B form. Designed by former BRM engineer Tony Southgate, the best finish achieved in a DN3 was Jean-Pierre Jariers third place at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Surtees TS16

The first race of the 1974 season was the 1974 Argentine Grand Prix. Surtees entered two cars for Brazilian Jose Carlos Pace and German Jochen Mass but both drivers retired, Pace with suspension failure and Mass with engine failure. At Brazil, the Brazilian finished fourth and the German was 17th, The South African Grand Prix saw Pace finish 11th and Mass retire with suspension failure. At Spain the Brazilian finished 13th and the German retired with a broken gearbox. Both drivers retired at the Belgian Grand Prix, Pace with a bad handling car and Mass with suspension failure. at Monaco Ma ...

Tyrrell 007

The Tyrrell 007 is a Formula One racing car, designed by Tyrrells Chief Designer, Derek Gardner. It was used in the 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 Formula One seasons.