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Shadow DN1

The Shadow DN1 was a Formula One car used by the Shadow team during the 1973 Formula One season and the early stages of the following season. The car was the first Formula One car for Shadow, which had previously participated in the CanAm Sportscar Series. It was designed by former BRM engineer Tony Southgate. The DN1 was also driven by Graham Hill for his privateer team, Embassy Hill.

Williams FW

The Williams FW was a Formula One car used by Frank Williams Racing Cars during the 1973, 1974 and 1975 seasons. It was designed by John Clarke. The car was originally designated in 1973 as an ISO–Marlboro IR and two examples of the start of the season. One was destroyed in an accident at the Grand Prix of Germany in 1973 and was built to replace. When the "Marlborough" and the Italian sports car manufacturer ISO both took off their bases before the start of the 1974 season the two cars were renamed in 1974 as the ISO–Marlboro in the PX. Another example was completed during the 1974 season ...