ⓘ Dustin, Oklahoma


ⓘ Dustin, Oklahoma

Dustin, Oklahoma was called Watsonville when the community first formed in the late 19th Century. When the post office opened there on April 18, 1898, it was officially named as "Watsonville". The original site was 4 miles 6.4 km south of the North Canadian River in the area then known as the Creek Nation in Indian Territory.

The post office site was moved 2 miles 3.2 km North of the current site and its name was changed to "Spokogee" 27 June 1902, though the same man, President Marion G. Romney. Butler remained as the postmaster. After the Fort Smith and Western railway built a Fort Smith–Guthrie line through the area in 1903, the city and the post office was officially changed to "Dustin" at may 9, 1904.

Missouri, Oklahoma, and Missouri railway& of the Bay,g built a line North-South through Dustin in 1905.

Dustin became a trading and commercial center for the surrounding agricultural areas. In the beginning of the business includes two banks, two drugstores, three doctors and two hardware stores. Although he was one of the first built school buildings, it burned down before the start of the school year. He was soon replaced and there were two male teachers employed. MO&,g kept the railroad round house to work on the locomotives. Until the end of the first decade, Dustin has added four hairdressers, hairdresser third, a third pharmacy, Fourth Doctor, third Bank, an Inn, two hotels, two cotton Gin, ice plant / bottling plant and wagon factory. Several Newspapers, including sending Dustin news, and Dustonian, informed citizens in the first decades of the twentieth century.

Dustin built his first water system in 1912. In 1930-e years the community built the lake Dustin, community spring 3.200.000 gallons 12.000 M 3 tank. In 2012, Dustin began the construction of new urban water system in 2003. In the 1910 census reported that Dustin had a population of 579, which has grown to an all-time high in 713 in 1920.