ⓘ Harry + Max


ⓘ Harry + Max

Harry + Max, is a 2004 American drama film directed by Christopher Munch and starring Bryce Johnson and Cole Williams.


1. Plot

The film centers around teen idol brothers, Harry Johnson, and Max Williams. Harry is at the end of his career while Max is just starting his. Harry is heterosexual, whereas Max is gay and, despite his youth, has come to terms with his sexuality.

During a camping trip, matters get further complicated by a partial resumption of an incestuous affair between the brothers. The fallout from this further muddles both their lives, as they attempt to understand their feelings for each other and to protect each other in a world in which everybody, including their own mother, seems to want to take advantage of them.


2. Cast

  • Michelle Phillips as Mother
  • Max Piscioneri as Max, Aged 9
  • Roni Deitz as Roxanne
  • Katherine Ellis as Brandi
  • Cole Williams as Max
  • Mark L. Young as Harry, Aged 15
  • Bryce Johnson as Harry
  • Tom Gilroy as Josiah
  • Rain Phoenix as Nikki
  • Justin Zachary as Jordan
  • Harry - Max born Maxime Louis Charles Dichamp 23 November 1901 - 13 March 1979 was a French film actor. He appeared in more than eighty films from 1938
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