ⓘ Solanum ternatum


ⓘ Solanum ternatum

Solanum ternatum is a species of plant in the family Solanaceae. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

"Solanum diffusum" redirects here. This name has also been applied to other species, see text.

S. ternifolium as described by Erich Werdermann is the wrong name, this plant that is sometimes still seen. In General, the following synonyms are of this mind:

  • Solanum dendrophilum Bitter. (Dendrophilum паслена Горького)
  • Solanum diffusum Ruiz & Pav.
S. diffusum Roxb. ex Wall. is S. virginianum L. S. diffusum Link ex Roem. & Schult. is S. pseudocapsicum.
  • Solanum semiscandens Bitter. (Semiscandens паслена Горького)
  • Solanum ternifolium Werderm. (Ternifolium Werderm паслена)
  • Solanum semievectum Bitter. (Semievectum паслена Горького)
  • Solanum diffusum var. miozygum Bitter J.F.Macbr.
  • Solanum diffusum ssp. miozygum Bitter.
  • Solanum subquinatum Bitter. (Subquinatum паслена Горького)
  • Solanum moritzianum Bitter. (Moritzianum горького паслена)
  • Solanum feddei Bitter. (Feddei горького паслена)

Mysterious S. ternifolium were classified as data deficient endemic of Ecuador by the IUCN, before it was synonymisation with the widespread S. ternatum.

  • are S. ternatum Solanum diflorum Vell. Solanum diflorum var. angustifolium Kuntze Not to be confused with S. angustifolium Mill.. Solanum diflorum
  • potato, Fendler s horsenettle Solanum stenotomum including S. goniocalyx Solanum ternatum including S. ternifolium Solanum tuberosum Potato Section
  • Solanum ternatum Ruiz Pav. including S. ternifolium Solanum terraneum Symon Solanum tetramerum Dunal Solanum tetrandrum R.Br. Solanum tetrathecum
  • Physalis purpurea Physalis sordida Solanum ferrugineum Solanum grayi Solanum refractum Solanum tridynamum Solanum umbellatum Talinum guadalupense Talinum
  • Solanum asteropilodes Solanum chilliasense Solanum exiguum Solanum fortunense Solanum hypermegethes Solanum imbaburense Solanum interandinum Solanum leiophyllum