ⓘ New Socialist Alternative (India)


ⓘ New Socialist Alternative (India)

New Socialist Alternative is a Trotskyist political party in India affiliated to the Committee for a Workers International. It publishes the campaigning newspaper Dudiyora Horaata.

The first supporters of the CWI in India was conquered after a discussion with Peter Taaff in 1977.

The party is critical of directly equating Indias economic growth with the welfare of its people, stating that "while there is no denying the fact that India has experienced an exponential growth in zero, even today, more than 77% of the population continues to live on RS.20 a day. If anything, the story of Indias growth or better growth of terrorism by its own people using only the upper classes and the middle class."

New socialist Alternative actively supports Tamil solidarity, an international campaign working for the rights of the people of Sri Lanka, sought the closure of the camps for refugees in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The party is always criticized for major sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games and the world Cup used to direct large sums of public money into private hands, particularly in countries such as India, South Africa and Brazil, where the social norm is minimum and the conditions for workers building the venues and infrastructure, unsatisfactory.

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