ⓘ Grover, North Carolina


ⓘ Grover, North Carolina

Grover is classified as a small town where railway and highway routes Interstate 85 and U.S. Highway 29 cross the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina. It was previously named Whitaker and legally was in South Carolina. The name change to Grover in 1885 was in honor of President Grover Cleveland. Gingerbread Row, Cleveland Avenue - NC Highway 216 has an antique look with many restored homes in beautiful colors.

Railroad-dominated town started when the Atlanta Charlotte airline Railway placed a turntable for engines to be spun. They operated from 1880 until the 1920-ies and southern railway of the United States continues to carry passengers to this day, now known as "Norfolk southern". Mail drops and pickups by train occurred several times per day in Grover is often with the mail bag wear on the hook while the train came through at speed. Amtrak also operates in line with the permission and carries passengers from Atlanta to Charlotte, Richmond, Boston and new York. George Bush made a rail stop in Grover during his presidential campaign in the United States.

Grover is also home to international companies like Eaton, commercial vehicle group, southern power, 84 lumber, Uniquetex, and we culinary Museum and Presidential library. Hatcher Hughes previously lived in Grover and won the Pulitzer prize in 1924 for his Broadway play hell-bent fer heaven, a show about his own people from the zone of foothills, where Grover is located. He was a Professor at Ivy League College Columbia University. In Hambright, Hambrecht families from Philadelphia and Prussia lives in Grover and built the tallest and largest mansion there in 1879 under the guidance of doctor Alfred Frederick Hambright of Hambrecht. Grover also hosts a former White house chef and head of the presidential resort and camp center conference, David, Martin CJ Mongiello, who lives there.

Grover is part of Cleveland County, North Carolina. The County is named in honor of Colonel Benjamin Cleveland Cleaveland - Thorkil de Cleveland County York, England in 1066 - the kings Mountain battle-a companion of Colonel Hambright Frederick with his son John at his side during the war for independence. Grover holds as many North Carolina official historical markers in the County of Shelby. It was the city of the entry, the Marquis, Lord Charles Cornwallis when he invaded North Carolina with his cavalry, artillery and army. The butcher from new Jersey, major Patrick Ferguson, also stopped at part of the modern grower, before the battle of kings mountain, a local mountain range, named in honor of the Royal family who lived there. In 1887, the legislature voted to change the name of the district Growers - over used English word version of, "Cleveland" from its previous version of Cleaveland. President Grover Cleveland was in office from 1885, the first Democrat elected after the American Civil war.

This portion of history affected local matters. German bachelor, Grover Cleveland, it was awkward at first, with all amenities in the White house. "I have to go to dinner," he wrote to a friend, "but I wanted to eat herring, Swiss cheese and cut into Louis instead of French things that I must find." He gained early exposure and lighting as in the city of Grover. Part of the initial plan covers the renaming of the city after the presidents middle name to achieve notice. In June 1886, this problem would be fixed for Grover. President Cleveland married 21 year old Frances Folsom, he was the only President ever married in the White house. This is a historic event and the subsequent honeymoon took on news attention. The name change County Growers took on epic proportions soon after this event. The city, the White house and County historically affected each other in an unpredictable manner. In 1887, Cleaveland County held a referendum and vote to change the name to something more popular spelling of "Cleveland". Last wrong checked report July 2008 a letter is delivered by U.S. postal service, the White house historical society to the Inn of the patriots, 301 Cleveland Avenue, Grover Cleveland, NC 28073. There is no such city exist in America.

Cleveland Avenue route 226 passes through Grover - parallel to main street. A Hambrights Hambrechts, Hamricks and Herndons lived on Cleveland Avenue. Today, the Presbyterian Church Shiloh was built in 1905 still next to Dr. Alfred Hambrights Hambrecht house, which was built after the Civil war. The statue was dedicated to Colonel Hambright family Hambrecht Friedrich of Prussia and us marine corporal, Clyde Furman Horton on July 1, 2008. Shiloh Presbyterian Church cemetery was listed on the National register of historic places in 2011.

Many other prominent names dominate the composition of Grover and are listed repeatedly in reference level system Cleveland County library, families like Herndon, Hambright of Hambrecht, Hamrick, Rowntree, Keeter, Graham, Cleaveland, Cleveland, Scruggs and Goforth. In the history of Grover - it is often confused with President Grover Cleveland against Benjamin Cleveland and where the first and last names. Although, each Cleveland are related - going back to Amos Cleveland, of Massachusetts and Cleveland, Ohio.

Grover in the process of rebuilding the city with the beginning of the century look and feel. Its train and spinning the Turntable motor with the history turned into the main street program in 2010, the state of North Carolina. Current mayor bill Willis. The town historian for a long period was Dr. Cobey a Goforth, who died at the end of 2017.

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