ⓘ Waldenburg, Baden-Württemberg


ⓘ Waldenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg

Waldenburg is a hilltop town in south central Germany, eastwards of Heilbronn in the Hohenlohe of Baden-Wurttemberg. The town is the site of Waldenburg Castle and some hilltop churches. Records first mention Waldenburg in the year 1253, but the town was destroyed in April 1945, at the end of World War II, and it has been rebuilt since.

  • Waldenburg may refer to: Waldenburg Baden - Wurttemberg Germany Waldenburg Saxony, Germany Waldenburg Silesia, today Walbrzych, Poland Waldenburg Switzerland
  • Hohenlohe - Waldenburg - Schillingsfurst was a county in northeastern Baden - Wurttemberg Germany. Its name derives from the castle of Hohenloch near Uffenheim
  • Schwabisch Hall and Hohenlohe in the south German state of Baden - Wurttemberg At the same time the Waldenburg Hills are one of five woodland regions in the Swabian - Franconian
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  • Margrave Frederick V of Baden and Barbara of Wurttemberg 4 December 1593 8 May 1627 the daughter of the Duke Frederick I of Wurttemberg He married on 23
  • Waldenburg Castle German: Schloss Waldenburg is a 13th Century castle lying on a mountain on the outskirts of Waldenburg Germany. During the Second
  • federal states of Baden - Wurttemberg and Rhineland - Palatinate. The corporation has main offices in three cities: Stuttgart, Baden - Baden and Mainz, with the
  • playing football at an international parliamentary tourney in Waldenburg Baden - Wurttemberg Germany. His successor in the National Council was Edith - Graf