ⓘ Valerenic acid


ⓘ Valerenic acid

Valerenic acid is a sesquiterpenoid constituent of the essential oil of the Valerian plant.

Valerian is used as an herbal sedative that can be useful in the treatment of insomnia. It is likely that some components of the plant contribute to the effect. Valeric acid is at least partially responsible for the sedative effect.

Valeric acid acts as a subtype-selective GABA receptor positive allosteric modulator on the binding site to the transmembrane domain by β α − interface. On receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes of the frog eggs have been shown that was only assemblies, incorporating β2 or β3 subunit is stimulated by valerenic acid. Modulation of ion channel action was not substantially depend on the inclusion of α1, α2, α3 or α5 subunits.

On 5-HT receptors 5A valeric acid acts as a partial agonist. This subtype of serotonin receptors is distributed in suprachiasmatic the nucleus, a tiny region of the brain involved in the sleep cycle and wakefulness.

Research in 2006 found Valerian extract, and Valerian acid inhibits factor NF-KB, a protein complex that controls the transcription of DNA in HeLa cultured human cancer cells. It was measured with the IL-6 / Luc interleukin-6 luciferase analysis as a tool of measurement. The study mentioned that this braking action may be associated with anti-inflammatory effect of the plant Valerian.

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