★ BMW New Class


★ BMW New Class

BMW new class was a line of sedans and coupes produced by German automaker BMW between 1962 and 1977. These models ensured BMWs solvency after the financial crisis of the 1950s and established the identity of BMW sports sedan.

The first new class of ship was 1500, 4-door compact Executive car with a new M10 at the time called М115 OHC 4-cylinder engine. In 1965, the 2000C and 2000CS coupes luxury was added to the range.

Replacement new models of class began with a large 2000C and 2000CS coupe, which was replaced by a 6-cylinder E9 2800CS in 1969. In 1972, 4-door sedan was replaced by the larger series 5 E12.

New Class coupe presents the Hofmeister kink, which was used on most BMW s. Another legacy of the new class is a famous series 02, which represents a shortened version of the new sedan class.


1.1. Overview. Background. (Фон)

In 1950-ies of the BMW lineup consists of luxury cars with displacements of two litres or more, rental vehicles, working on engines, motorcycles, and motorbikes. With their luxury cars becoming increasingly outdated and unprofitable and their motorcycles and small cars are becoming less attractive to increasingly affluent society, BMW needs a car in 1.5 to 2 litre class to become competitive. Prototypes with a 1.6 L engine based on one Bank of the engine BMW OHV V8 engine was built and evaluated without a convincing result.

In 1960, Herbert and Harald Quandt invested in BMW, and gained a controlling stake in the company. In that year, the project "new class" was launched. Led overall by Fritz Fiedler, the project Eberhard Wolff was responsible for the chassis design, Wilhelm Hofmeister in the cost of styling and body engineering, and Alex von Falkenhausen in the cost of engine design. The team was to produce a new car with a new engine that BMW made with the 303 in 1933.

The prototype was presented in September 1961 at the Frankfurt motor show as the BMW 1500 four-door sedan and the BMW 3200 CS, the last BMW with a V8 with overhead valves.

The term new class referred to the 1.5–2–liter class of automobiles from BMW not seen since the Second world war.

Took the car for the oncoming demand market Borgward Isabella, Borgward as disappeared the year before.


1.2. Overview. Chassis and body. (Шасси и кузов)

Three-the-box four-door sedan is largely conventional, using a unitary and a MacPherson strut front suspension, which become mainstream in time 1500 years introduction. Less conventional was the independent rear suspension, which has shown the springs and Diagonal levers pivoted from a stout cross beam that also supported the differential housing. While BMW uses MacPherson strut for the first time in a new class, they used construction unit body 700 and semi-trailing arm Rear suspension on the 600 and 700. All new cars had front disc brakes.


1.3. Overview. Engines. (Двигатели)

M10 overhead camshaft engine used in the new class needed to replace 1.5 l initially, with the possibility to be expanded to 1.8 L. von Falkenhausen previously developed engine prototype for possible use in the BMW 700 and used it as a starting point for M10. The engine was inclined at 30 degrees to the right from the vertical in order to provide a low hood line, which also contributed to the style of the car.


1.4. Overview. Financial results. (Финансовые результаты)

In the years leading up to the release of new classes of 1962, BMW had fixed a lot of operational losses. In 1962, the company broke even, with a turnover of 294 million marks. In 1963, sales were up 47% to 433 million marks, and BMW was able to pay dividends to its shareholders for the first time in 20 years.


2.1. New Sedans Class. One thousand five hundred. (Одна тысяча пятьсот)

Introduced in September 1961 at the Frankfurt motor show, the BMW 1500 entered production in October 1962 and was manufactured until December 1964.

The M10 4-cylinder engine used oversquare dimensions 82 mm 3.2 in bore and 71 mm 2.8 in stroke produces 60 kW 80 HP In the BMW 1500.

Contemporary reports praised the all-round visibility and the commanding driving position, during recording, what must you lean forward a little to engage first and third gears due to the long distance travel of the shift lever. The large 40 cm tall Luggage compartment was also commended.

1500 could accelerate to 100 km / h 62 mph in approximately 15 seconds. The show was at the time considered lively in view of volume of the engine, although the engine must have worked hard to achieve rapid progress, it ran smoothly even at speeds above 6.000 rpm. The firm suspension and correspondingly harsh ride surprised those of air-conditioned BMW 501 to expect more comfort-oriented suspension settings.

Significant problems that developed with the 1500 included the separation of the diagonal of the mounting arm from the body, rear axle failure, and problems with the gearbox. These problems have been fixed in subsequent versions of the new sedan class.

1500 was replaced in 1964 by the 1600, but it was still available in markets where capacities greater than 1500 CC incurred higher tax rates.


2.2. New Sedans Class. One thousand eight hundred. (Одна тысяча восемьсот)

Introduced in September 1963, the BMW 1800 was the second member of a new family. This model had an M10 engine with a 84 mm 3.3 In diameter and 80 mm 3.1 in stroke, giving a displacement 1.773 CC. It produced 67 kW 90 HP at 5.250 rpm and 130 N * m 96 lb⋅ft at 3.000 rpm.

1800 model ti Turismo Internazionale recommended components developed for the 1800 by the tuning company Alpina. These upgrades included dual Solex revision side-draft carburetors and higher-compression pistons 82 kW 110 HP at 5.800 rpm, and 136 N * m 100 lb⋅ft at 4.000 rpm.

Homologation special, the 1800 ti / SA, was introduced in 1964. Engine ti / SAS was dual Weber DCOE-45 carburetors and 10.5:1 compression ratio. This engine produces 97 kW 130 HP at 6.100 rpm and 144 N * M 106 lb⋅ft at 5.250 rpm Program Ti / SA also had a Getrag five-speed gearbox, stronger stabilizer bars and larger diameter brake discs than ti. Was built 200 examples of the Ti / SA were sold only in licensed racing and sports drivers.

There was a version with automatic transmission introduced in 1966 and in 1967 the 1800 was generally updated along with the 2000. The updates included interior changes a modernized dashboard design and simpler door panels, as well as change the style of the front grille.

In 1968 1.773 CC engine used in 1800 was replaced by the engine with 89 mm 3.5 in hole 2.0-liter engine and the original 71 mm 2.8 in a move that has led to the displacement of 1.766 CC and the stroke / diameter ratio of 0.798:1 compared to the previous 1800 engines, the ratio of 0.952:1.


2.3. New Sedans Class. One thousand six hundred. (Одна тысяча шестьсот)

In 1600, introduced as a replacement for the 1500 in 1964, used the 84 mm 3.3 in the bore of the 1800 with 1500 years 71 mm 2.8 in speed, causing the displacement 1.573 cubic cm and has a capacity of 62 kW / 83 HP at 5.500 rpm and 113 N * m 83 lb⋅ft at 3.000 rpm. In 1600 was produced until early 1971.


2.4. New Sedans Class. Two thousand. (Две тысячи)

Engines from the 2000C and 2000CS coupes were used in a 4-door sedan body type for 2000 and 2000TI models. Sedan 2000, released in 1965, used engine 75 kW 101 HP since 2000, Pp. 2000TI sedan, released in 1966, used engine 90 kW 121 HP from the 2000 CS with twin Solex revision side-draft carburetors.

Designed for use as an upscale version of the 1800, 2000, participate in a variety of wide taillights, more exterior trim, and unique rectangular headlights. The American market 2000 sedans could not have the rectangular headlights due to government regulation. A different grille with four individual round headlights, similar to the design that BMW later used in the 2500 sedan, was offered in the United States. In the 2000TI retained the 1800 tail lights and headlights. A more luxurious 2000TI-Lux later "tilux" is the Ti engine with a more upmarket interior and accessories, including the wooden panel and optional leather seats.

In a 1967 test, road & Track felt that the 2000 sedan "the Best performing 2-liter sedan in todays market and the best handling and best riding as well."

In 1969, BMW introduced the 2000tii in the vicinity of the international, injected, BMWs first fuel-injected model with mechanical fuel injection Kugelfischer. In the 2000tii produced 97 kW 130 HP at 5.800 rpm and 178 nm 131 lb⋅ft at 4.500 rpm. 1.952 2000tii cars were built the last new models of the sedan class.


2.5. New Sedans Class. Special Models. (Специальные Модели)

In 1972, the BMW company developed the first electric car based on the model 1602. BMW 1602 Elektro-Antrieb was first introduced at the Olympic games 1972 in Munich, Germany, two examples were used to Shuttle VIPs and service vehicles in various international events such as the marathon.


3. New Class Coupe. (Новый Класс Купе)

BMW new class coupé series, which included the BMW 2000 CC and the BMW 2000 CS, which was in the coupe body style, a built-in pocket for BMW from the summer of 1965 and 1969. In 1965, BMW ended production of their body by Bertone 3200 CS coupe, the last of its line power V8 luxury cars from the 1950s years. BMW decided to continue recently faced with the coupe. Built on a new platform of a class with 2000 and 2000 CS presented version of the 2.0 l M10 4-cylinder engine and replaced the 3200 CS as the flagship model of BMW in 1965. The new class coupes were replaced by the E9 coupe, which was based on a stretched 2000CS chassis and use a 6-cylinder engine.


3.1. New Class Coupe. Technical. (Технические)

New Class coupe, a new sedan class for the demonstration version of the 2.0 l M10 engine used in the sedans. New move 1.990 121 of the criminal code were achieved with 80 mm 3.1 in the course of the 1.8 l version combined with 89 mm 3.5 in the hole. The coupé was built for BMW by Karmann company in Osnabruck and available as the 2000C, with a single-carburetor engine producing 100 horsepower 75 kW at 5500 rpm, or as the 2000CS with two petrol engine capacity of 120 HP 89 kW at 5500 rpm. Both versions used four-speed manual gearbox as standard, while the 2000C was available with a three speed automatic transmission as an option.


3.2. New Class Coupe. Styling. (Стайлинг)

The new Class coupé was introduced just after the 3200CS coupé was discontinued. The styling was based on a new sedan class with a new front end. The headlamps were behind a glass fairing, and the grill consisted solely of a chromed BMW "double-kidney" at center front. In addition to the chrome accents around the headlights and at the top of the front part, the rest of the front was painted metal, with a number of vertical slots behind the bumper on the sides to admit air for cooling and induction motor. The reaction on the front end styling have been mixed, Norbye describes it as "a blunt, unattractive front end", draw agrees, calling the front clip "odd" and saying that the details of the foreground "in favor of appearance", while Knox disagrees, referring to its "imposing front end" being "tidier than the Bertone bodys fussy nose" in comparison with the 3200CS.


3.3. New Class Coupe. Welcome

New 13.691 class coupes built between 1965 and the end of production in mid-1969, there were two 9.999 carb 2000 CS coupe, 3.249 was a single carb 2000 coupe with an automatic transmission, and 443 were 2000 coupe with a manual transmission.


3.4. New Class Coupe. Succession. (Правопреемство)

In 1968, the new Class coupes were replaced by new six-cylinder six COP E9 models that have longer wheelbase and more front clip to accommodate the M30 engine. The front end styling was also modified to remind you that the new six E3 sedans.

At the Paris motor show in 1968, BMW displayed a concept car called the 2000ti coupe designed by Pietro frua from the Voice of automobile company BMW takes more than two years ago. In 2000ti did not reach production.


4. Series 02. (Серии 02)

In the "02 series" range of two-door sedans, coupes and convertibles started production in 1966, and was based on a shortened version of the new platform of the sedan class.


5. Motorsport. (Мотоспорт)

  • Hubert hahne won the 1966 European touring car challenge division 3 behind the wheel of a BMW 2000TI.
  • In BMW 1800Ti / SA 1965 won the Spa 24 hours touring car race.
  • In a BMW 2000ti from 1966 won the Spa 24 hours touring car race.
  • The BMW 700 was successful and assisted in the company s recovery. The 1962 introduction of the BMW New Class compact sedans was the beginning of BMW s
  • New Class may refer to: New Class or new class the class in the Communist system The New Class An Analysis of the Communist System book BMW New Class
  • BMW E12 is the first generation of 5 Series executive cars, which was produced from 1972 to 1981 and replaced the saloon models of the BMW New Class range
  • The BMW 5 Series is an executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. It is the successor to the New Class Sedans and is currently in its seventh generation
  • The BMW 700 was successful and assisted in the company s recovery. The 1962 introduction of the BMW New Class compact sedans was the beginning of BMW s
  • The BMW New Six also known as the BMW E3 is a line of full - size luxury sedans and grand tourer coupes produced by the German automaker BMW from 1968
  • and 2000 CS models, which were produced from 1965 - 1969 as part of the BMW New Class range. The first of the E9 coupes, the 2800 CS, replaced the 2000 C
  • The BMW 8 Series is a range of grand tourers produced by BMW The 8 Series was introduced in 1990 under the E31 model code and was only available as a
  • The term BMW 1600 may refer to: an automobile produced as part of the BMW New Class range an automobile produced as part of the BMW 02 Series
  • BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW part of its Corporate and Brand Development division. It has produced motorcycles since

  • Series currently competes with new models from Audi and Mercedes - Benz, the A3 Sedan and the CLA Class In June 2015, BMW also released a seven seater 2
  • The BMW 7 Series is a full - size luxury sedan produced by the German automaker BMW since 1977. It is the successor to the BMW E3 New Six sedan and is
  • first 02 Series BMW was designated, was an entry - level BMW and was smaller, less expensive, and less well - appointed than the New Class Sedan on which
  • The BMW Z4 E89 is the second generation of the BMW Z4 range of two - door roadsters, and was produced from 2009 to 2016. The E89 replaced the E85 E86 Z4
  • BMW IIIa was an inline six - cylinder SOHC valvetrain, water - cooled aircraft engine, the first - ever product from BMW GmbH. Its success laid the foundation
  • The BMW M3 is a high - performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW s in - house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH. M3 models have been produced
  • The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by German automaker BMW since 2003. Based on the BMW 3 Series platform, and now in its third
  • The BMW Car Club of America BMW CCA is a U.S - based organization of enthusiasts and owners of BMW - made automobiles including MINI Organized into
  • transmission. The E70 features many new technological advancements for this class as standard equipment including BMW s iDrive system, electronic joystick
  • The first generation of the BMW 2 Series consists of the BMW F22 coupe version and BMW F23 convertible version subcompact executive cars. The F22 F23
  • BMW has been involved in Formula One in a number of capacities since the inauguration of the World Drivers Championship in 1950. The company entered
  • The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer F45 model code is a five - seat compact MPVs produced by BMW since August 2014. The related BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer F46
  • The BMW i8 is a plug - in hybrid sports car developed by BMW The i8 is part of BMW s electric fleet Project i being marketed as a new sub - brand, BMW i
  • BMW S1000RR is a sport bike initially made by BMW Motorrad to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship, that is now in commercial production.
  • The BMW Z models are a line of roadsters manufactured by German automaker BMW The Z stands for zukunft German for future and has been produced in
  • The BMW 303 was a small family saloon produced by BMW in 1933 and 1934. It was the first BMW motor car with a six - cylinder engine and the first BMW motor
  • registered, BMW - exclusive motorsport series. The Championship is open to any production BMW sold in the UK. It provides close competition in four classes split
  • The BMW M5 is a high performance variant of the BMW 5 Series marketed under the BMW M sub - brand. It is considered an iconic vehicle in the sports sedan
  • fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series consists of the BMW E90 sedan BMW E91 wagon, marketed as Touring BMW E92 coupe and BMW E93 convertible compact
  • The BMW 801 was a powerful German 41.8 - litre 2, 550 cu in air - cooled 14 - cylinder - radial aircraft engine built by BMW and used in a number of German Luftwaffe

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Research the BMW lineup, including the automakers latest models, discontinued models, news and vehicle reviews. Lowest Price New. 320 $34.900. 2020 BMW 1 Series review 118d & M135i – a proper rival for the. Sep 4, 2011 The New Class was a new line of compact sedans that began with The New Class vehicles were the ones who really established BMW for. BMW New Class CV Joints, Boots & Components – google - wiki.info. It was in 1962 with the introduction of the BMW New Class compact sedans that the beginnings of the automakers reputation of today a leading manufacturer.

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