ⓘ .lc


ⓘ .lc

.lc is the Internet country code top-level domain for Saint Lucia, sponsored by the University of Puerto Rico and created on September 3, 1991. The registry is operated by Afilias and markets towards companies structured as LCs, LLCs or PLCs due to the possibility of a domain hack, such as CompanyName.L.LC and supposedly better names.


1. Second and third level domains

Registrations take place directly at the second level or at one of the following third level domains. There are a number of registrars, but.gov.lc and.edu.lc can only be registered at the NIC.

  • .net.lc
  • .gov.lc
  • .p.lc
  • .co.lc
  • .com.lc
  • .edu.lc
  • .l.lc
  • .org.lc

2. Accredited registrars

  • CSC Corporate Domains
  • MarkMonitor
  • Register IT Spa
  • Ascio Technologies
  • InterNetX
  • NetNames
  • Variomedia
  • Dominiando.it
  • KeySystems Gmbh
  • 101domain GRS Limited, d/b/a "101domain.com"
  • AB NameISP
  • IP Mirror

There are a number of others not listed, found at nic.lc.


3. Rules

All domains must be between 1 and 63 characters long, excluding the TLD. In addition, domains may not contain anything other than letters, numbers, and a hyphen.lc does not support internationalized domain names, and domain names may not start or end with a hyphen. Domain names considered offensive by the registry may not be registered.